Yvonne Adkins: Mom Leaves Sick Infant Alone To Die While She Has Drunken Sex With Man She Just Met, Somehow Avoids Jail

Yvonne Adkins left her sick 3-month-old daughter alone for hours to have drunken sex with a man she had just met, but even though the baby died, the 32-year-old mom will avoid spending any time in jail.

The disturbing incident happened in the U.K. and had led to outrage against the neglectful mother. Adkins knew her daughter Shanelle suffered serious health problems, including reflux and vomiting, but still left the infant alone in a downstairs rocker, uncovered, for nine hours to drink whiskey and have sex upstairs with a man she had just met at a bus stop, the Sunday World reported.

Yvonne Adkins pleaded guilty to cruelty of a child this week, but was handed only a suspended 18-month sentence, along with 18 months of supervision.

But Judge David Fletcher seemed to take pity on the mother, noting that she would have to live with the terrible decision she made for her baby.

“Your desire to engage in some sexual activity with someone you hardly knew resulted in you leaving your child downstairs when you knew it was not appropriate to do that,” Fletcher said. “You made a catastrophic decision that you will have to live with for the rest of your life.”

Adkins had initially lied to police about the incident, saying the baby was sleeping in at the end of her bed, but changed the story.

The Mirror reported as follows.

“After her daughter’s death, she lied, initially claiming the unwell child was sleeping in a Moses basket at the end of her bed.

But a paramedic, who was unable to resuscitate Shanelle, noticed the baby ‘was not dressed properly to go to sleep and was dressed in a tracksuit,’ with ‘no preparation for her to go to sleep that night,’ the court heard.”

Other neighbors told the Mirror that Yvonne Adkins was an inattentive and overall unfit mother.

“This was an accident waiting to happen,” said a man who lived nearby. “People were always coming and going at the flat. She’s always blasting reggae music at all hours of the night. I’ve had to shout through the door to tell her to turn it down loads of times.”

But some are trying to turn Shanelle’s tragic death into a chance to warn other parents and avoid tragedies like that from happening again. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children noted that Yvonne Adkins was under the influence of alcohol when she left the baby alone, and warned that “parents under the influence of drugs or alcohol pose one of the biggest risks to their children, potentially exposing them to harm or neglect.”

[Image via Sunday World]

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