Ben Carson, ‘Pro-Life’ Presidential Hopeful, Once Tested Aborted Fetuses For Health Research

Ben Carson has fallen under America’s critical scope after new information revealed that Ben Carson’s pass wasn’t clean enough for him to publicly denounce Planned Parenthood. Reportedly, in 1992, Ben Carson led a research project which involved testing the remains of aborted fetuses. More shocking, when confronted about it, Ben Carson refused to apologize and did not feel as if it was wrong. Here’s why.

In the case of Planned Parenthood, the organization was allegedly selling unborn baby parts to profit from abortions. In Ben Carson’s case, however, the aborted fetuses were legally obtained and tested but never sold as a product. Recently, Carson spoke out to the Washington Post in his own defense to clear up the facts and save his reputation as a popular 2016 presidential candidate.

“You have to look at the intent. To willfully ignore evidence that you have for some ideological reason is wrong. If you’re killing babies and taking the tissue, that’s a very different thing than taking a dead specimen and keeping a record of it.”

As Ben Carson has recently been gaining popularity in the presidential polls, some highly celebrated fellow physicians, namely, Dr. Jen Gunter, OB/GYN, made a statement about Carson in her blog.

“As a neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson knows full well that fetal tissue is essential for medical research. His discipline would have a hard time being [where] it is today without that kind of work. What is even more egregious than dismissing the multitude of researchers whose work allowed him to become a neurosurgeon is the hypocrisy of actually having done that research himself while spouting off about its supposed worthlessness.”

Critics of the Republican candidate may say that Ben Carson is a hypocrite for speaking out against Planned Parenthood, knowing that he had to perform similar practices. However, Carson believes that there is an identifiable difference between his actions and that of Planned Parenthood. This difference, according to a statement Ben made to Fox News, is that abortion is murder and testing dead fetuses is not the same as murder. Therefore, Ben’s belief is that once a being is dead, it is acceptable to use the remains for science, but it is not acceptable to kill the being in the first place and them sell its remains. Ben Carson’s statement makes this clear.

“At 17 weeks, you’ve got a nice little nose and little fingers and hands and the heart’s beating. It can respond to environmental stimulus. How can you believe that that’s just an irrelevant mass of cells? That’s what they want you to believe, when in fact it is a human being.”

In light of Ben Carson’s passed with the testing of aborted fetuses, many are questioning his stance on abortion. Is Carson really pro-life?

[Image via National Review]

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