Baby Doe Update: Is Slain Child A Boston Local?

The search for Baby Doe’s identity is a little closer to its end, with authorities releasing new developments in her case. ABC News reports that forensic pollen testing has confirmed that the child may have come from the city in which her body was found. If that’s the case, then the absence of her parents or guardians is an even more disturbing element in this case.

Could Baby Doe be a Boston native? That’s what authorities in Massachusetts believe at this point, which is a major breakthrough in this mysterious case. CNN reports that authorities also believe that the tot was placed on the shoreline near the Boston Harbor.

Even though the latest development is a breakthrough, the identity of the child remains the biggest mystery in this case. In the past, her features had been compared to the features of missing Michigan baby Katherine Phillips, who was dubbed in the media as “Baby Kate.” The Inquisitr reported earlier in the year that DNA screening revealed absolutely no connection between the two cases.

No children in Boston have been reported missing that match the description of Baby Doe. This indicates that either her custodial guardians are covering up her disappearance and death, or some other incident occurred that has rendered her family unreachable by authorities. Could there be more deaths associated with this case, or is something else going on?

NamUs shares that only two children are reported as missing, under the age of two-years, in the state of Massachusetts. Neither of these children have been confirmed to have any connection to the discovery of Baby Doe. Furthermore, like with the case of missing Baby Kate, no other children’s cases in states outside of Massachusetts have shown any possible connections.

If you have any information that could be useful in the Baby Doe case, you’re encouraged to contact the Massachusetts State Police. You can also anonymously contact authorities through their texting system, which has been set up specifically for this case. The longer this case goes unsolved, the bigger the chances become that it will become another cold case in a growing list of unsolved children’s disappearances and deaths in the United States.

[Photo: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children]

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