Arizona Man Filmed Unthinkable Acts With Toddler

An Arizona man is behind bars without bond after he reportedly sexually assaulted a toddler multiple times. That’s not the only shocking detail in this developing case. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that Daniel Divit, of Mesa, filmed and photographed more than a dozen different incidents between him and the young child that he was entrusted to babysit.

Authorities in Mesa have charged Divit with multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor along with charges of inappropriate sexual contact with a child. These are charges that could carry an incredibly hefty sentence. With there being so much photographic and video evidence against him, he’s going to have an uphill battle defending himself. Nonetheless, he has indirectly admitted to the actions, but by claiming that he blacked out his memory of when he performed the sex acts on his friend’s child.

The details of this case are downright disturbing, and these are only the details that have been released thus far. This story also serves as a warning to parents who trust people they shouldn’t when it comes to babysitting their kids. Arizona Central reports that the mother of the two-year-old girl had trusted Divit to watch her daughter while she worked on multiple occasions. However, the nature of Divit’s relationship with the tot’s mom has not been clarified in media reports.

Evidence against Divit indicated that he had inflicted pain on the two-year old while he assaulted her. Medical exams of the child confirmed what was seen in the series of videos and photos. It’s hopeful that the child can heal from this experience without too much scarring and emotional trauma.

This case is indeed a shocking one, and Arizona punishes sex criminals stiffly. That’s because there are numerous cases in the state that have involved horrific abuse of children by adults. One of the most horrific cases in the state took place in 2012. A Phoenix couple were arrested after it had been discovered that they both had been brutally assaulting their four-year-old daughter. The extent of her injuries were so severe that she no longer had nipples. This child survived, but will live forever with reminders of the abuse that she suffered.

Do you recall any horrific abuse cases in Arizona that can be compared to this one?

[Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff mugshot]

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