New York Fashion Week: Chanel And Christian Dior Documentaries To Be Aired On TV5Monde USA In September And October

New York Fashion Week is coming up soon and TV5Monde USA is already gearing up for the countdown with two fascinating documentaries featuring Chanel and Christian Dior. Fashion fans should be on the lookout for Signed Chanel, a 2005 documentary that will introduce viewers to Chanel’s nine collections that are released every year, and The Couturier and His Double, another fashion documentary that will feature the elegant and elaborate gowns and silhouettes by Christian Dior. The documentaries will showcase the talented work of these two prolific designers through their extraordinary fashions and their design houses.

Fashion fans will get to see how Carl Lagerfeld’s beautiful designs help keep Chanel’s fashion house in demand. In addition to Lagerfeld’s top fashions, viewers will also be introduced to some of the most well-known designer clothing influencers in the industry. The documentary will also share how Chanel revived the mega fashion houses industry.

Both designers know what it’s like to go from hardship to success. The immaculate collections continue to inspire — even today. Their high-end designer clothing also serves as a blueprint for future designers who desire to attain the same level of success.

The Signed Chanel and The Couturier and His Double documentaries will educate TV5Monde USA viewers about quality fashion. Up and coming designers who want to be on the cutting edge of top fashion designs will also want to tune in.

Loïc Prigent’s Signé Chanel – Signed Chanel will air on September 28 at 6:45 p.m. ET/3:45 p.m. PT. Here is how TV5Monde USA teases the upcoming fashion documentaries.

“There is no question that Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion genius. In preparation for Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2004-2005 collection, Lagerfeld designed cocktail dresses, tweed skirts and chain-handled bags while also hiring the most beautiful models on the planet to help premiere his designs for the catwalk. Although Lagerfeld is the Creative Director behind Chanel, he cannot create all of the apparel without a proper team. This documentary gives an inside look into the lives and challenges of the skilled tailors and seamstresses behind Chanel’s glorified Haute Couture collection. Viewers will see everything from the inception of garment sketches to the production of their celebrity-studded runway show.”

Christian Dior Le Couturier et Son Double – (Christian Dior, the couturier and his double) will air on October 5 at 3:50 p.m. ET/12:50 p.m. PT. It is directed by Philippe Lanfranchi.

“Launching his career as the owner of a small art gallery in Grandville, France in 1928, Christian Dior used his artwork to find jobs alongside prestigious fashion designers like Robert Piguet and Pierre Balmain. After he sold his couture sketches, Dior gained acclaim by using cotton fabrics to create gowns emphasizing the hour glass figure which he affectionately titled ‘flower girls.’ Feeling as though fashion in France needed to be revamped after The Great Depression, he sought to eliminate the usual boxy styled clothing during that time. To increase the brand image beyond clothing he went on to expand his collections to include fragrances, shoes and accessories. In remembrance in October of his untimely death, this documentary will explore the obstacles he faced during his childhood and the birth of his legacy.”

Be sure to watch these two amazing fashion documentaries in September and October. Earlier today, Inquisitr reported on several other inspirational documentaries that will air on TV5Monde USA during the month of August, such as All Tattooed and Planet Autism.

[Photo Credit: TV5Monde Public Relations/Facebook]