The biggest 911 fail of all time

Your father is having a seizure. You call 911, and while waiting for someone to pick up the phone, you drop the f word. Is the response: where is the emergency; or you shouldn’t swear, followed by a lecture?

If you picked the latter, you win. The video below of a local news report on the Lincoln Park, Chicago Police Department demonstrates exactly that.

But it gets better. After ringing 911 three times, including one time where the officer hangs up on the girl calling her a buffoon, the girl heads to the local police station to both get help, and make a complaint. When she arrived, she was arrested for “disorderly conduct” and “abusing 911,” a charge that doesn’t exist.

The only remote sanity is that the officer’s boss tells local television that it’s not their finest moment, but never explains why she was never asked why she was calling. Fortunately her father survived, but imagine a more serious case.

Here’s the biggest 911 fail of all time:

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