Ruby Rose Responds To Justin Bieber Comparisons And Talks Tattoo

Ever since Ruby Rose rekindled her career in Season 3 of Orange is the New Black, Ruby Rose started being the topic of many conversations and hullaballoo on the internet. Two of the top topics that have come up regarding Ruby Rose are her tattoos and her uncanny resemblance to Justin Bieber. Playing Stella Carlin in Orange is the New Black Season 3, Ruby Rose answers to these two frequent topic starters on her guesting at Conan.

Ruby Rose is often being asked, how many are the tattoos on her body exactly? Rose answers that separately, technically, there must be at least 60 tattoos on her body, but Rose actually considers all of her tattoos as a whole, and not merely a combination of the parts. So now, when she is asked, instead of saying the longer version, Rose just simply answers three. As simple as that.

When Conan host Conan O’Brien then brings up her resemblance to pop star Justin Bieber, the audience—including Ruby Rose herself—bursts into laughter. He asks how Ruby Rose feels about getting compared to Justin Bieber.

Rose looks like she finds the issue quite humorous, and answers casually that it must be very frustrating for Justin Bieber to be compared to a girl. It seems that people are starting to let go of the Justin Bieber-Miley Cyrus phase, and are focusing their attention now on Ruby Rose.

“You know, I heard he gets asked if he’s Ruby Rose, and that must be really frustrating for him.”

Ruby Rose then continues that even Conan O’Brien could probably relate to the resemblance issue since Conan himself, according to her, looks like a mixture of Tilda Swinton, Meryl Streep, and Joel Edgerton.

But it seems that Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber have more than their faces in common, since Rose and Bieber have already been spotted hanging out before. Seen on Justin Bieber’s Instagram profile is the picture of Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber taking a selfie together, rocking two almost identical outfits.

As of this writing, the Instagram post has garnered 1 million likes and almost 16,000 comments saying exactly the same thing—that Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber look alike. Well, no harm done, since neither Rose nor Bieber is getting offended.

Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber fans have recently started to team up ever since Rose and Bieber started to get along nicely on Twitter and in real life. Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber were recently spotted at the Katsuya restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard last July, hanging out with a few more friends.

[Images via Instagram]