Josh Holloway ‘Not Trying To Get Off The Island,’ Channels ‘Lost’ Through USA’s ‘Colony’

Fans mourning their Lost Sawyer have a new mysterious show to get found in.

Lost star Josh Holloway returns to TV in the USA fantasy semi-futuristic drama Colony, and Losties will only have to wait until January to indulge in the Joshness, per USA Today.

To bring back the “Island-esque” hype, Colony is produced by Carlton Cuse of Lost. All seems to be as mysterious as it should be, as Holloway puts it.

“In the tradition of working with Carlton Cuse… I don’t know anything that’s going on.”

The show is set in a hovering-robot-patrolled, walled-in Los Angeles that has been been overthrown by an unnamed dictatorship, and there are a few things about Colony that are set it apart from the Island mystery Holloway fans are used to. For one, there is a cityscape backdrop instead of ocean waves and palm trees.

Holloway stars as Will Bowman, a father and former FBI agent torn between joining a forming resistance movement (‘the Insurgency’) and cooperating with forces of the occupying intruders as he attempts to find his son. Per Yahoo! News, the boy is somewhere on the other side of the wall from Bowman, his other children, and his wife. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bowman’s wife, Katie, will be played by The Walking Dead‘s Sarah Wayne Callies.

As with Lost, there is are a lot of questions that develop within the plot to Colony. During the Television Critics Association press tour, Cuse said those questions, “the who and the why,” will get “answered in time.” But in true Cuse/Lost tradition, those answers will take time to present themselves throughout the series.

“We wanted to keep the curtain right in front of the audience so you don’t know anything more than the characters know… We really want to make sure that we weren’t doing another show in the aliens versus humans drama. It’s really more about the experience of colonization.”

Josh lived in Hawaii for years filming season after season of Lost. One of the most re-tweeted responses by Holloway on Colony is his reference to Los Angeles as an “exotic location.”

“I love it. To be in L.A., it’s become an exotic location. No one shoots here anymore …It is a character in the show. It’s a melting pot. Every culture you can think of is here.”

Holloway has a lot to come home to while working where he lives, in L.A.

“It is amazing to come home to my family. I have two small children, a year-and-a-half boy and a six-year-old girl. To come home and be reminded of the stakes I’m playing for … that is just fuel, it’s gold. We care about things that make us happy.”

Josh brought out the contrasts between Lost and Colony, particularly in reference to bad-boy Sawyer versus new role as family-focused Will Bowman.

“In my other show, he would live for himself pretty much… I’m not trying to get off the island and out, I’m trying to get back to my son and reunite our family, and ultimately to find a way to help the human race. In my character’s eyes, family is first, and he has to unite his family and then save the human race.”

Viewers can get “lost” in Colony, starring Josh Holloway, when it premieres on Thursday, January 14, at 10 p.m., USA announced Wednesday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, according to Yahoo! News.

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