‘Walking Dead’ Alum Doesn’t Care If You Hate Her Character

Lori Grimes was a character that many Walking Dead fans loved or hated. And the actress who played her, Sarah Wayne Callies, has come forward with what she thinks of the fan reactions she has received from playing the character.

During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Callies was asked about some of the things Walking Dead fans said to her, when they met her in public. And a lot of it was not nice.

“I learned that people have what is either the temerity or the lack of good manners or both to walk up to a complete stranger in the middle of the day and go, ‘I f—ing hate you.’ [Laughs.] And I was like, ‘Who raised you? First of all, introduce yourself, mother-f—er. I’m Sarah. It’s nice to meet you. And I respect your opinion — completely. I respect your opinion.'”

But Callies added that she actually enjoyed playing a polarizing character on The Walking Dead.

“Coming off of Prison Break, I’d played a character that was really kind of beloved when it came to the fans and seen as a real good person and an angel in some ways. I loved that, and it was amazing, but I thought it seemed like a trap as an actor.”

And even though Lori wasn’t well-liked by many Walking Dead fans, Callies found her to be a positive figure.

“I loved her. I think Lori is a powerhouse and a hero, but that’s just my opinion.”

'Walking Dead' Lori Grimes

Reminiscing about her time on The Walking Dead, Callies noted that she is proud to have been a part of it and to work with the cast and crew.

Walking Dead started as such a humble show because we didn’t think anybody was watching, and we’re all really brave when we don’t think anybody is watching. Everybody was just taking these huge risks, which was thrilling to be a part of — absolutely thrilling.”

But she admits that she has yet to see a single episode of The Walking Dead.

“I never watched the show, actually. I’d watch scenes here and there, primarily of other people’s work, but I don’t get a whole lot of watching myself, and if anything, it’s not really good for my head.”

While she may no longer be on The Walking Dead, Callies is still keeping herself busy. According to Deadline, she is scheduled to co-star in a new pilot for USA Networks called Colony. The pilot is being written by Carlton Cuse and will also star Josh Holloway, both of whom worked together on Lost.

In a related report from the Inquisitr, with The Walking Dead returning for the second half of its fifth Season, AMC has released a new trailer that shows Rick, Daryl, and other survivors sticking together and walking through the woods – keeping an eye out for zombies. But as it is pointed out in the previous article, there are some notable characters not seen in the trailer.

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