New ‘The Walking Dead’ Promo: Werewolf Rick Grimes Is A Big Hint About What’s Coming [Video]

The Walking Dead fans, rejoice! AMC just released a weird new promo that gives viewers an idea of what to expect during the second half of Season 5, and it looks like things are about to get to get eerie and dreary.

In the latest Walking Dead promo, the group of survivors are walking through thick fog or smoke while some slow and strange music plays in the background. They draw their weapons and start to battle an unseen enemy, and the promo ends when they stop and stare at something. Whatever it is doesn’t bother them too much — they promptly start walking through the woods again like nothing happened. The only words in the promo are an Andrew Lincoln voiceover.

“Surviving. Surviving together is all that matters. It’s all that matters.”

The promo doesn’t look like an actual scene from The Walking Dead, but it probably offers fans a few clues about what’s coming. Rick Grimes’ beard is so majestic now that he’s starting to look like a werewolf (he even howls like one), and maybe its length is supposed to be an indication that quite a bit of time has passed since Beth Greene’s death at the hospital. If this is the case, it could mean that the second half of Season 5 will feature a time jump that will allow Morgan Jones to catch up with the group. You can check out The Walking Dead promo below.

As Cinema Blend points out, Carl and Judith aren’t with the group, and they’re not the only ones who are missing — Noah and Father Gabriel are also nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they’re all holed up in a safer location, or maybe something has happened to them.

The unseen enemy in the promo and the time jump beard could be a hint about the series’ next villain. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some Walking Dead fans think that Morgan Jones dropped a hint about who the next villains will be when he ranted about “people wearing dead people’s faces” during the Season 3 episode “Clear.” There’s speculation that he was describing The Whisperers, a mysterious, cultish group of survivors who wear the skins of the dead to blend in with the zombies. Because they’re so good at blending in, perhaps they’re the unseen enemy hinted at in the trailer. If Morgan has encountered them, it’s possible that they’re tracking him while he tracks Rick.

There’s also a possibility that Morgan Jones will be Rick Grimes’ next foe. He wasn’t exactly mentally stable the last time Rick ran into him, so it’s impossible to predict what he’ll do when he catches up to his old acquaintance. He might even team up with The Whisperers or another group that become enemies of Grimes.

It looks like he’ll catch up to them early on in the second half of Season 5. As Entertainment Weekly points out, the latest Walking Dead promo art seems to tease Morgan’s reappearance. As you can see, it shows Rick looking down at the map of the route to Washington D.C. that Abraham left for him. Morgan found the map at Father Gabriel’s church after the survivors abandoned it, and apparently he and Rick’s group both decided to follow the route. Obviously, the map is in the promo art to let fans know that Rick is about to be reunited with Morgan, and their reunion might take place at the Alexandria Safe-Zone in the background.

The Walking Dead Promo Photo

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 8. What do you think of the show’s latest promo and what it says about what’s to come?

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