Giuliana Rancic Goodbye Includes Bill’s Tribute After Cancer: Replaced By Maria Menounos, Rancic Hosts ‘Fashion Police’

Giuliana Rancic bid a touching goodbye to more than a decade as the co-host of E! News. Although Giuliana will remain in her current Fashion Police role, Rancic’s goodbye day included both tearful moments and humor, reported Us Weekly.

“What an honor to work with the most incredible gang in the business,” wrote Giuliana in her Instagram post. “I love each and every one of you @enews and thank you for 14 years of love and laughs!!! Thank you for tonight’s beautiful send off. I [love] U! #secondfamily.”

Rancic received loving goodbyes from co-hosts Catt Sadler, Jason Kennedy and Terrence J. And for that necessary touch of humor, a blooper reel had everyone laughing.

But Giuliana’s husband Bill Rancic brought on the tears again as he shared his own goodbye in a tribute to her strength. Their eight-year marriage has included challenges such as pregnancy problems and her battle with cancer.

“Even in recent months, through some of the harder times, you showed nothing but grace under pressure,” penned Bill. “You’ve dealt with worse and you’ve taken the high road, when others wouldn’t have, something you always do…That’s something that makes me love and respect you even more.”

Rancic described his wife as someone who has fulfilled the American Dream.

“My wife is the definition of the American Dream. A dream that’s become even more important in recent years. She came to this country at a young age and could barely speak English. All the kids in her class laughed when she stood up at 8 years old and said she wanted to be an award-winning anchor someday. No one is laughing now.”

Maria Menounos has replaced Giuliana on E News, reported the Chicago Tribune.

As to why Giuliana stepped down from the coveted role of co-anchor, she wanted to devote herself more to her personal life, including Bill and their son Duke, who is 2.

In addition to Fashion Police, Rancic will co-host E’s “Live from the Red Carpet” specials to offer her insights on the stars’ styles, from hair to shoes to attire.

But it was in offering such thoughts on Fashion Police that Giuliana encountered the biggest challenge of her career, as the Inquisitr reported.

The comment that Giuliana made that caused the brouhaha came when she said that she associated Zendaya’s dreadlocks with a distinct odor.

“I feel like she smells like patchouli oil… or maybe weed,” said the E! News star.

Both Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin subsequently quit the show.

Fashion Police will return August 31, with Melissa Rivers co-hosting with Giuliana and Brad Goreski, reported E News.

“As an executive producer since the beginning, Melissa helped shape Fashion Police into an iconic TV series that couples fashion with comedy,” explained Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Programming and Development for E!

“We are pleased to now also feature Melissa in front of the ‘Fashion Police’ cameras, as she joins returning panelists Giuliana and Brad. And with the added flavor of rotating panelists, the show will deliver fresh, different and unpredictable fashion reviews with each new episode.”

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Samsung]