5 Seconds Of Summer Step Up Rock Revolution With New Album

The band 5 Seconds Of Summer surprised their fans a couple of weeks back when they unexpectedly dropped their new single, “She’s Kinda Hot.” The single was an instant hit with 5 Seconds Of Summer fans across the world, but it was the band’s message that was arguably the most important aspect of the release. Largely unknown previously, 5 Seconds of Summer came to the public’s attention when they opened for boy-band One Direction on tour and as a result they became labelled as a boy-band.

5 Seconds Of Summer bass player Calum Hood admits that 5 Seconds Of Summer are desperate to shed the boy-band label. Hood and his pals see 5 Seconds of Summer as a bone-fide pop-punk rock band. It was reported in Inquisitr recently that 5 Seconds of Summer saw the release of “She’s Kinda Hot” as the opening salvo in a rock revolution.

Hood said that 5 Seconds of Summer wanted to bring rock music back to mainstream radio and said he was delighted to see the bands fans get behind the single.

“Hopefully we introduce a bit more guitar on the radio and inspire some people to pick up guitars. We love rock music and we want to hear it back on mainstream radio.”

“I am sick and tired of hearing all this b******t on the radio, if I am going to be honest. It is driving me insane.”

5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin joined Hood in declaring that the band were taking a new direction. Irwin told Billboard that he wants 5 Seconds of Summer to be a sort of refuge for disaffected youth.

“The idea of the ‘new broken scene’ is of a revolution for our fans to get behind. It’s almost for the misfits and stuff like that, and it’s for us to give our fans a place to belong.”

Last night, 5 Seconds of Summer surprised their fans once again: not only did they announce the name and release date of their sophomore album, they announced that it can be pre-ordered from tomorrow, Friday August 14.


The new 5 Seconds of Summer album will be released on October 23 and will be titled Sounds Good, Feels Good. According to Music News, 5 Seconds of Summer fans who order the album in advance will get immediate access to a new track “Fly Away.”

According to USA Today, 5 Seconds of Summer continue to work with veteran producer John Feldmann, who also has worked with All Time Low and Good Charlotte. The new 5 Seconds of Summer disc will consist of 14 tracks including “She’s Kinda Hot” and “Fly Away.”

5 Seconds of Summer will perform on Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards and on ABC’s Good Morning America August 21.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]