3 Best Platforms Available On iTunes

For many, iTunes is the pathway between downloading your favorite music and playing it on your phone or car radio. Despite the annoying “download update” box that appears every time you open up iTunes, the popular music software is the best available today.

Of the millions who use iTunes, a huge sum of people are not getting the full experience that comes with iTunes — this includes partners like Apple Music and Spotify.

Here’s three of the best platforms that everybody is using now on iTunes.

3. Spotify on iTunes

Spotify music-streaming service.

Spotify is one of the most popular music-streaming platforms. With a membership, you will have millions of songs right at your disposal with the best-sounding quality available, as a Heavy reporter writes.

You can download Spotify at the app store. However, signing up through iTunes could get you a discount. Currently, Spotify is offering three months of their premium membership for $0.99. The streaming-service gives you access to an almost limitless amount of music and best of all — no ads.

2. YouTube Music & iTunes

youtube music key streaming service

YouTube Music is a relatively new platform that is starting to change the way we both listen and watch our favorite musicians. Essentially, there is a platform called TunesGo that is your musical best friend.

It’s a platform in which users can easily utilize the app or desktop version to transfer, edit, or share music from YouTube to iTunes and then to a device.

The video-uploading giant’s platform known as YouTube Music Key gives users an ad-free musical experience, anywhere you go, whether you’re online or offline. The fact that users can now listen to music or watch videos without an internet connection has made YouTube a heavy competitor in the music-streaming industry.

1. Apple Music

Apple Music streaming service

When it comes to the best musical experience out there, Apple Music definitely takes the cake. It’s simply the best feature available for iTunes users. And best of all, unlike the rest, you can get a three-month full membership without paying a penny.

A membership for Apple Music is listed at $9.99 a month — the same as Spotify. However, Apple Music supports watch, phone, tablet, and desktop platforms.

It might be surprising to a few, but some are not aware that neither of these music-streaming platforms exist. And while illegally downloading music can get you in trouble and the worst sound quality, paying a couple of bucks for unlimited music will probably be the best investment you’ve ever made.

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