Florida Dog Beaten To Death, Found With An ‘LOL’ Note

A Florida resident is in mourning after his 13-year-old Pomeranian dog named Fox was discovered dead. Not only was Fox beaten and left for dead, but he was left with a note presumably written by the assailant(s).

Ronald Boisvert told reporters that after his dog went missing, a neighbor frantically knocked on his door to tell him that they had discovered the dog’s lifeless body near Boisvert’s condo. The neighbor showed Boisvert a note that was found next to the dog that read, “We beat it 2 death lol HAHAHA!”

In the end the dog was found in “red-colored sand” which resembled a baseball field. As it turns out Fox’s owner lives near a field. Boisvert believes, “whoever killed the dog hails from the area, because Fox was not wearing a collar, but was returned to his home.” At the time he said, “The only way you would know is if you’d seen him before.”

At first, thinking the note was some sick joke, Boisvert brought his beloved dog to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, the letter wasn’t a sick joke. When Fox was brought to veterinarian Dr. Ron Ridge, he said that the injuries sustained indicated that the dog had been kicked to death.

According to Fox News, Ridge detailed other scenarios that might have happened if he had seen different injuries in the Pomeranian. “If the note was indeed true, somebody really meant to kill that dog. To be hit with a stick you’d have angular injuries. The injuries were on the flat side of the body.”

He continued to analyze Fox’s injuries, which included 10 broken ribs, missing teeth, and a broken back. Hypothetically speaking, if Fox were accidentally hit by a car, the vet said the dog’s injuries would be different. “You would expect to see skinned knees, skinned elbows, other minor injuries that we saw no signs of.” When the 13-year-old dog originally went missing the family posted a $3,000 reward for their beloved pooch.

This story gained traction on social media and has many people disgusted by Fox’s gruesome death:


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