Michigan Professor Arrested Trying To Get A Teen For Sex – He Willingly Traveled 1,300 Miles To Florida

A professor has been arrested in a teen sex sting operation. He had traveled 1,300 miles from Michigan to Florida for the encounter.

James Cavalcoli, a professor from the University of Michigan, was taken into custody after a sting operation was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) setup to lure him with a promise of sexual intercourse with an underage teen. Apparently, the self-proclaimed “boy lover” had willingly made a journey of 1,300 miles with the intention of having sex with a teenager, but found the FBI waiting for him at the rendezvous point instead.

Cavalcoli, 51, had previously corresponded with whom he believed to be a father of a teenage boy. According to the New York Daily News, in one of the emails, he had confessed that he was “a fellow BL [Boy Lover], just don’t have [children of] my own.”

The “father” of the 14-year-old boy was in fact a Florida Department of Law Enforcement officer who works with the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force. He was simply encouraging the professor to share more information. Falling for the neatly laid trap, over several emails, the professor sent naked and sexually explicit and completely inappropriate photos of himself to the “father.” Then, in late July, the professor wrote he was about to fly down to Central Florida for his “annual trip.” In separate emails, he even tried to find if any other dads or their teenage sons were interested in meeting him “for fun.”

Armed with condoms and lubricant, James Cavalcoli was waiting for the father-son duo to meet him at the Bonaventure Resort & Spa in Weston, when a team of FBI agents swooped down and arrested him. Surprisingly, the professor not only surrendered meekly, he even confessed about his intentions on the scene, reported the Sun Sentinel. Knowing well it was the end of the line, Cavalcoli added that he regretted his decision coming to Florida with the intentions of having sex with a teen.

The police have also recovered a laptop, among other paraphernalia, and plan to look for more incriminating evidence. In the past, several such culprits have had child pornography stored on their devices, shared one of the officers.

A University of Michigan spokeswoman confirmed that Cavalcoli had worked there for 13 years, reported the Huffington Post. However, it is apparent that the professor neatly hid his sick obsession to avoid detection. But the professor’s lust ultimately led him to his arrest 1,300 miles away in Florida in a sex sting operation.

[Image Credit: Jochen Luebke / Getty Images Broward Sheriff’s Office]

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