‘Super Mario Maker’ Tools Must Be Unlocked, Works With 50+ Amiibo

Just weeks before the September 11 release for Super Mario Maker, Nintendo has released an overview video that shows gamers exactly what they can expect from the Wii U game at launch.

Even though Super Mario Maker shined in the spotlight of the Nintendo World Championships just before E3 2015, details have been somewhat sparse concerning the launch. Fans know they can build levels, but how many tools are available? Will there be DLC? How can we get our hands on those two 8-bit Mario 30th Anniversary amiibo? While Nintendo has yet to answer all our questions, the above video certainly is a start.

Right off the bat, players are informed the entire gamut of Mario level-making tools are not immediately available when playing Super Mario Maker for the first time. Players will have to unlock new tools by completing in-game objectives, like spending five minutes building a course with the tools available. Unlike typical in-game unlocks, the rewards are “queued for delivery” and unlock the next day instead of being instantly available upon completing the specified task. The delay is an odd development choice, particularly given the success of instant unlocks in other first-party games like Super Smash Bros for Wii U.

Super Mario Maker Course - Image courtesy Nintendo

The game features six course level themes, such as “underwater,” “underground,” or “castle.” Once a level theme is selected, players can change the aesthetics by choosing one of four games to emulate: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, or New Super Mario Bros. U. Elements like sound effects and music are included but must also be unlocked.

Like any good sandbox game, Super Mario Maker also offers an online community for Mario Makers to share their course creations. Thankfully, unbeatable levels are not permitted to be submitted. Those looking to put their platforming skills to the test can embark on a “100 Mario Challenge” or “10 Mario Challenge” that gives the player 100 lives or 10 lives, respectively to beat pre-selected levels.

Super Mario Maker 100 Mario Challenge - Image courtesy Nintendo

As the above video confirms, over 50 amiibo are compatible with Super Mario Maker. Common amiibo, such as Link and Peach, plus harder-to-find figures like Wii Fit Trainer can all be tapped to the Wii U GamePad to add a mystery mushroom that will transform Mario into the respective character during gameplay.

The 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo has its own unique functionality that puts mustaches on the baddies and allows the player to run around as a Big Mario. Unfortunately, that means if the amiibo flies off store shelves as fast as the Gold Edition Mario did, some Mario Makers may miss out on all the mustachioed fun. In Europe, a Super Mario Maker bundle including the game and 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo has been sighted but it does not appear that bundle will be getting a stateside release. Instead, a course creation guide is accompanying copies of the game.

[Images courtesy of Nintendo]