Nicki Minaj Spits First Rhyme ‘Suck Up My Style’ At Children’s Hospital

Ryan Seacrest posted a video on Facebook Tuesday showing Nicki Minaj’s recent visit to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she recited the first rap she ever wrote to impress an older female rapper that she admired as a kid.

“Please don’t laugh,” Nicki asked before spitting, “Cookie’s the name, chocolate chip is the flavor. Suck up my style like the cherry Life Saver.”

Organized by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, Nicki’s visit was also shared on Instagram, with one young girl nearly moving Minaj to tears with her singing.

MTV reports that Nicki also opened up during a Q&A with the patients, revealing that she played clarinet “for two or three years in school” and that her favorite thing to do in her downtime is “just to lay down in bed and eat anything that’s super fattening,” she said. When one child asked the rapper what she likes on her pizza, Nicki surprised them with her response.

“A lot of people don’t like pineapples on their pizza. But I love pineapples on my pizza,” she said.

While many of the kids delightfully expressed their love of the arts, Nicki encouraged them to stay in school.

“Don’t ever think that it’s a guarantee that you’ll make it at anything in the arts,” she said. “Do your art but do your education as well.”

Check out video of Nicki’s visit below.

Ryan thanked Nicki for helping out his non-profit organization, which aims to inspire youth through entertainment and education-focused initiatives.

Minaj sent social media into a frenzy last weekend when she referred to her rapper-boyfriend Meek Mill as her “baby father.” As a previous Inquisitr article reports, speculation that she was pregnant with Meek’s baby spread like wildfire until her camp reached out to TMZ to dispel the rumors. According to the source, Nicki uses the phrase frequently as a term of endearment, and that “baby father” is not the same as “father of my child.”

In related news, the “Anaconda” rapper is getting her own mobile game app developed by Glu, the same company behind Kim Kardashian’s highly successful game. The Verve reports that Nicki will serve as the creative director on the app, which will feature her likeness and voice. The mobile app is expected to launch next summer.

“I am thrilled to welcome the undisputed queen of hip-hop, Nicki Minaj, to Glu’s growing list of celebrity partners,” CEO Niccolo de Masi said in a statement.

Nicki Minaj is currently on tour with her Pilly-born beau Meek, who remains embattled in a ridiculous rap beef with Drake.

[Image courtesy of EW]