Is Rihanna Pregnant? Leonardo DiCaprio Called Too Racist To Have Rihanna’s Baby

Is Rihanna pregnant with Leonardo DiCaprio’s baby? That very type of speculative rumor landed a tabloid in some very hot water with the 40-year-old actor. A lawsuit has settled the issue of Rihanna’s baby, but now the magazine is calling Leonardo DiCaprio racist based upon his choice of girlfriends.

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During the last year there have been many rumors about Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio dating. This relationship was never confirmed by either the singer or the actor, but a French magazine, appropriately named Oops!, took the rumor and ran with it. They called Rihanna pregnant, claiming that Leonardo was the father of the child. They even claimed DiCaprio was refusing to claim the unborn child as his own.

Oops! magazine owner Frederic Truskolaski confirmed that his team knew that the story about Rihanna’s baby was not true, and they were not even sure if Rihanna was pregnant in the first place. “We thought she might be. We were not sure, of course,” explained Frederic. When Leonardo’s lawyers reached out to the French magazine, their response was apparently along the lines of “we know and we don’t care.”

A French judge saw the case quite differently. In settling Leonardo DiCaprio’s lawsuit, the judge wrote that “the particularly intimate nature of such [a] revelation” and the “absence of any evidence to accredit … the accuracy of the facts alleged” combined with “the interference with privacy” means that Oops! can’t defend its article as “legitimate public information.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, the French court awarded 8,000 euros to DiCaprio, since the story about Rihanna’s baby was “inherently likely to cause serious harm” to the actor and the compensation was provided for “moral damages resulting from violence to his private life and his image rights.”

In addition, Oops! magazine will be required to print, on its next cover, this statement.

“By order of 27 July 2015, the judge of the High Court of Paris ordered the company editor of OOPS! Magazine to pay provisional compensation to Leonardo Di Caprio for having published in its issue 188, 13 to 28 in May 2015, an article with the respect for his privacy and his image rights.”

The Oops! magazine owner is not letting Leonardo DiCaprio’s lawsuit slow him down. Frederic says the actor is a “pervert” whose lawsuit was based on a “racial issue,” since Rihanna is black.

“We were totally expecting this decision, since in France when any magazine speaks about a celebrity’s private life, the magazine is automatically condemned,” Frederic told Gossip Cop. “DiCaprio almost systematically goes out with Aryan-type girls, always blonde hair. He could not stand the fact that our magazine was saying he was having a baby with a black girl.”

Needless to say, Oops! magazine seems to be asking for it. Gossip Cop says they tried reaching out to Leonardo DiCaprio about these latest allegations, but a feud seems to be brewing.

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