Meghan King Edmonds Lashes Out At Vicki Gunvalson: RHOC Star Has Had Enough [Video]

Meghan King Edmonds who stars on Bravo‘s The Real Housewives of Orange County, lashed out at co-star Vicki Gunvalson after the latter criticized Meghan – for apparently everything. According to Examiner, Meghan King Edmonds took her her blog to reveal criticisms from her co-star, and to tell Gunvalson what’s what.

Meghan King Edmonds is under fire from Gunvalson, in part, because her husband spends a portion of his time in St. Louis. On the show, Gunvalson accused Meghan King of spending his money and not contributing to the marriage. Tired of defending her life and marriage to Gunvalson, Meghan wrote on her blog:

“If I tried to convince Aristotle that the world was round he would try to convince me it was flat by using facts and figures and I would not be able to even get him to consider that the world is round. It’s the same thing with Vicki.” Meghan added about Gunvalson, “Sometimes you just have to let ignorance go in one ear and out the other and trust that evolution will run its course.”

According to Star Pulse, Gunvalson has been picking on Meghan King Edmonds ever since she joined the show’s cast, and Meghan feels “she is always the victim.” Meghan also revealed that she gets guff from Vicki Gunvalson for being a step-mother. Gunvalson apparently thinks King Edmonds should work instead of stay home.

On her blog, Meghan lashed out about criticism she got from Gunvalson. “You might have noticed I didn’t really stand up for myself. Well, sometimes when others project their insecurities on you it’s not worth defending,” Meghan King Edmonds wrote according to Star Pulse. Edmonds continued, “especially after I’ve defended myself over the same issues over and over to Vicki, who has only interrogated me up to this point.”

According to Examiner, given the hard time that Meghan has endured at the hands of Gunvalson, it’s clear King Edmonds would prefer to see Shannon Beador stay on the show instead of Vicki Gunvalson. The website All About The Real Housewives revealed that during an interview, Meghan said “I like Shannon. Shannon has some insecurities as you might imagine she would after going through what she went through with her husband. She really is a genuine person.””

Even though she lashed out at her Gunvalson, Megahan King Edmonds also realizes that she can’t change her co-star – it is what it is.

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