Facebook Couple Marriage: Woman Ends Up Marrying Stranger She Met On Facebook

A bizarre twist of fate between two total strangers, and now has led to wedding bells. According to Opposing Views, Patsy Sutton, 60, added John Neeley as a Facebook friend under the assumption that he was a former classmate. However, she soon realized the 61-year-old man she’d requested wasn’t exactly who she initially thought he was.

In fact, he actually went to school approximately 400 miles from the school she attended. But, that didn’t stop them from forging a friendship. As time progressed, the two began talking on an everyday basis. As their conversations evolved, they began talking on the phone.

“John was always such a gentleman,” Patsy reportedly told Mirror Online. “He’d like and comment on my posts and tell me I was beautiful. We began to talk more and more. My grandson even told me to ask John on a date as he noticed we were always messaging. I wasn’t nervous at all the first time I spoke to him, we’d become such good friends that we could talk about anything,” she said.

After being married twice, Patsy was initially apprehensive about getting involved with someone, but her grandson encouraged her to try again. In November of 2010, the two decided to finally meet in person, which ultimately sealed the deal, reports Metro. “When I first saw John in person we couldn’t stop hugging and kissing,” she said. “People were walking and driving by but we just stood there and looked at each other for what seemed like hours. I cried when he had to leave.”

Although Patsy was heartbroken when their time together ended, she received quite a surprise when John came back in December bearing gifts for Christmas. Not only did he bring a puppy for her children, but he also had a gift for Patsy – an engagement ring.

Now, Sutton has moved from Mississippi to Georgia to be with the man she loves. “Now, John and I happily married and living with our 12 dogs,” she said. “We have a wonderful life together.” She continued, “He is everything I ever prayed for — and I owe it all to an accidental Facebook add.”

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