Ronald Boisvert Wants Justice For Fox, His 13-Year-Old Pomeranian — ‘We Beat It 2 Death LOL HAHAHA!’

Ronald Boisvert was worried about Fox, his 13-year-old Pomeranian. Fox was let out of his Pembroke Pines condominium near Miami, Florida, by Ronald’s girlfriend on Friday, August 7. When Fox didn’t return, Ronald Boisvert thought the worst. On Saturday, his suspicions were confirmed.

Boisvert was woken up on Saturday by a neighbor’s frantic knocking. When he opened the door, the neighbor told him that Fox was lying near Boisvert’s condo, and he wasn’t moving. As they approached Fox’s lifeless body, they noticed a note had been placed on top of it.

“We beat it to death lol HAHAHA!”

Amidst his obvious grief, Ronald had thought that no one would be cruel enough to kill the family pet. He thought that maybe someone had found Fox dead, and placed the note on top of the body as some sort of sick, sadistic joke. Unfortunately, a veterinarian, Dr. Ron Ridge, who looked at Fox confirmed exactly what the note had said.

If the note was indeed true, somebody really meant to kill that dog. To be hit with a stick you’d have angular injuries. The injuries were on the flat side of the body.

Most likely, the culprits had kicked Fox to death. According to Dr. Ridge, Fox had 10 broken ribs, missing teeth, and a broken back. Boisvert was interviewed about just exactly what he was feeling at the time in a report from ABC 13 in Houston.

“I was devastated. He was a very friendly dog.”

Boisvert’s girlfriend, Verline Barthelemy, spoke with WSVN about the incident.

“I looked at the photo, and I’m like, ‘Oh good! He found Fox.’ But then I saw the note, and it was just horrifying. I just started crying.”

Barthelemy brought up a troubling point in the interview.

“If someone could do that to a dog, just imagine what it could escalate to.”

This has the Pembroke Pines Police Department worried as well. Police spokesman Major Carlos Bermudez talked about the investigation with WSVN.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case like this in our city. By all accounts, it looks like the dog was beaten to death, and because of that, the fact that they left a note, and the note that was left, it’s alarming, and that’s something that we want to investigate.”

Even more alarming is that this is not a random act of violence against a stray. Fox did not have a collar, yet he was left just outside Boisvert’s door, prompting Ronald to assume it was somebody who knew it was his dog.

“The only way you would know is if you’d seen him before.”

“I just really hope they catch the individuals. Nobody should have to go through this.”

Ronald Boisvert and Verline Barthelemy may never find out who did this or why. A $3,000 reward is being offered for any information that my lead to these individuals’ arrest. What would prompt someone to do this to any living thing? This is the question that Boisvert and Barthelemy will ponder for some time to come.

[Photo by WSVN]

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