John Travolta’s Jilted Male Masseur: “I Have Proof” of Sexual Assault

Yesterday was a tough day for John Travolta. A male masseur alleged that the actor pressured him for sex, and filed a harassment lawsuit against him. Today, a second masseur came forward saying much the same thing. Travolta has been denying the allegations left and right, but now the first masseur known only as “John Doe” says that not only are the actor’s denials disingenuous, but that he can prove that the alleged events took place.

Marty Singer, Travolta’s lawyer, said that the claims made by the male masseur are completely false, and that the sexual harassment and battery suit is “complete fiction and fabrication.” Travolta and his lawyer further claim that the actor wasn’t even in L.A. on January 16th, the date that the incident allegedly took place. Despite this, John Doe is sticking to his story, adding the stinger – “I have proof to support the truth that I’m telling,” he said.

Travolta’s lawyer threatened John Doe, saying that filing the suit would be a decision he would “regret.” In response, Doe said, “It is not for Mr. Singer to deny me my right.” Doe said that he wouldn’t back down from the suit, and even added some sociopolitical flavor to the soup, saying, “I represent the 99 percent of the population, the working class, and I was put in an inappropriate situation that I didn’t put myself in.”

Though he won’t reveal specific details about his “proof”, Doe feels confident that he has a case against Travolta. “I passed a lie detector test for the National Enquirer, and I’m telling the truth about what happened.”

(ed. note – check integrity of publication known as National Enquirer)

Doe says that his experience with Travolta “started out polite and charming, but then when things didn’t go his way things digressed.” Doe is seeking $2 million in damages, and doesn’t appear to be threatened by the push-back on his claim.

“I’m ready for my day in court,” he said.

Do you think that John Travolta is guilty? Who is John Doe, and is he only in it for the money?