Watch Tiny Hamster Go On A Huge Journey At Magic Kingdom In Walt Disney World

If you’re not yet familiar with the Internet sensation known as Tiny Hamster, then you should get yourself acquainted with him. He’s had a number of journeys, and enjoyed everyday type things, but now he’s gone on his biggest adventure of all. A new video has landed online and shows what happened when Tiny Hamster visited Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

The Disney Parks Blog showed the video on Tuesday, and it puts the tiny little critter right into the heart of Magic Kingdom. Not only does he go on some of the park’s best attractions and enjoy some fantastic treats and snacks, but he gets to meet the big cheese himself — Mickey Mouse.

As you can see by the video, jealousy is coming from Disney fans all over the place. Tiny Hamster got to enjoy some of the best treats there are in Walt Disney World including churros, a Dole Whip, and even the infamous turkey legs, but all were in his size.

There was much more for Tiny Hamster to do at Magic Kingdom, and that includes some of Disney’s world-famous attractions.

Tiny hamster took a spin on in the cups of the Mad Tea Party, and even went on a scaled-down version of The Haunted Mansion. Obviously, the ballroom dancing ghosts looked more like hamsters than people, and that’s just appropriate.

Perhaps the best part of Tiny Hamster’s Disney adventure was wandering into the new Plaza Gardens and meeting Mickey Mouse. Not only did he get some one-on-one time with him, but he also got the boss’ autograph in his book.

There’s even a behind-the-scenes video for how it all was filmed.

Hello Denizen has some more great videos involving Tiny Hamster, and other adventures or daily tasks that he’s gone through. There is one of him eating tiny burritos, at a tiny birthday for a tiny hedgehog, and even facing off with eating champion Kobayashi in a hot dog-eating competition.

There are other videos to watch on their YouTube channel that don’t include Tiny Hamster, but those are certainly proving to be the most popular. Now, he’s traveling the world and heading to new destinations to share his adventures with everyone.

Tiny Hamster visiting the Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World is something that everyone should see, and not just fans of the (Mickey) mouse. It’s a fun video and something to make you smile, even if you’re in the middle of a work day.

[Image via YouTube]