Two Arrested In Tennessee Murders, Kidnapping Of Bain Family

Teresa Mayes and Mary Mayes were arrested in connection with the kidnapping of Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters.

The two are the wife and mother (respectively) of Adam Mayes, the man authorities believe responsible for the kidnapping of the four women, as well as the deaths of Bain, 31, and her oldest daughter, Adrienne Bain, 14, whose bodies were found behind the mobile home that Adam and wife Teresa share with his parents.

Teresa Mayes, age 30, was charged with especially aggravated kidnapping, and Mary Mayes, 65, mother of the suspect, was charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

Gary Bain reported his wife and three step-daughters missing on April 27th. Mayes was the last to see the four alive, and was questioned in the initial investigation. When authorities went back to question him again, however, he fled.

The arrest warrants for the two women state that Adam Mayes and Teresa Mayes worked together to take Jo Ann and her daughters from their home in Tennessee to the Mayes mobile home in Mississippi. Both women have confessed to seeing Adam digging holes in the backyard of the mobile home, which is where the two bodies were found.

The arrest warrant states that:

“It is believed that Adam Mayes removed or confined Jo Ann Bain and her 3 daughters…in a manner that substantially interfered with their liberty. Concerning Jo Ann Bain and Adrienne Bain, both victims suffered serious bodily injury as a result of their removal or confinement.”

A trailer was also discovered during the investigation, which Mayes had rented from Union County, Mississippi. The trailer contained belongings owned by the two girls who are still missing. Police are still searching for Adam Mayes, as well as Bain’s two youngest daughters, Alexandra Bain, age 12, and Kyliyah Bain, age 8. Authorities believe that at this point, Mayes has altered his appearance, and that of the two girls, in order to avoid detection.

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