Drunk Student Obnoxiously Emails Professor, Receives Hilarious Response

A drunk student sent a hilariously obnoxious email to his professor that should have landed him in hot water with the establishment. However, his teacher had the perfect response, which would have been a huge relief to the seriously hung over pupil.

This hilarious debacle unfolded after Patrick Davidson had a few too many to drink one night and then decided that this would be the perfect time to email his university professor as he needed an extension to complete his paper.

Unfortunately for Patrick, instead of just asking for an extension to complete his paper, he also took this opportunity to offer his condolences to his teacher for being bald and even offered him some help in love.

According to Reddit, Davidson wrote as follows.

“mr Martin

Just letting u kno that u r a motherf**** g and I’m sorry that u r bald. Lol

If you want I can hook u go with a girl who can get ur hair back and keep u bangin.

Also I just needed to ask u for an extension on my paper. I’m really f***** rn and will b sick af tomorrow.

Keep slayin boi and I forgot to do school loop again

Love u and c u Monday

Good f**kn yard

Patrick Davidson.”

There’s almost so much to love and adore about this email it’s untrue.

First of all, it’s adorable that he immediately tries to butter him up by calling him a “g” and then tries to show just how close they are by speaking honestly about his baldness.

I’m also intrigued by the girl who can get the professor’s hair back and “keep [him] bangin.” Is she providing him with a wig? Or is this a girl that the professor can date?

Davidson cleverly then sneaks in his favour and asks his teacher if he can get his extension, before then adding the revelation that he “forgot to do school loop again.” Knowing that this would be taken badly, he then adds a quick “love u” to soften the blow.

Luckily, Martin took the email in the right spirit. In fact, he responded with a truly awesome message of his own that proves he’s clearly an understanding man.


Sounds like you had a great night. I will extend your paper deadline to Wednesday at 11:59 PM. It must be submitted to turnitin.com.

Please refer to my syllabus for information on how to submit your paper.

I appreciate your concern for my bald head. My wife likes it and I don’t get paid enough to get hair implants.

On a side note… what were you drinking last night? Next time you email me id like a bottle of whatever you had so I don’t have to remember what you said.

Good yard

– Mr. Martin.”

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