‘Alien Politician’s Face’ Discovered On Mars Using Google Mars Map

UFO and alien hunters have discovered yet another alien face on planet Mars. The latest discovery, a face carved on a rock, deepens the ongoing dispute between alien hunters and skeptics who argue that enthusiasts’ claims of faces on Mars are due to the psychological phenomenon called pareidolia.

The latest find at coordinates 5°56’09.76?S 70°22’00.21? on the planet Mars was by Marcelo Irazusta, an alien hunter from Mar del Plata in Argentina.

The alien hunter found the imposing “face” using the Google Mars Map, a Google app that furnishes alien hunters and other researchers with an interactive map to conduct virtual tours of the Martian surface. The map is available and can be downloaded freely.

According to YouTube user Sandra Elena Andrade, who uploaded images of the alien face to YouTube on July 3, 2015, the alien face carved into Martian rock is about 600 meters long and has well-defined facial features, including “eyes, nose and a mouth.”

“The image of a skull of 600 meters long and a face provided with eyes, nose, mouth, etc. are the new mysteries that presents (sic) the researcher Marcelo Irazusta.”

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring insists that the face is certainly not the product of chance arrangement of marks on the surface of the planet. According to Waring, the entire carving on Martian rock is an art work depicting the face of an alien politician or a high ranking official in the government of an ancient Martian civilization.

‘Alien Politician’s Face’

Waring draws attention to the unmistakable facial features, including a nose, lips, bearded chin, eyebrow and ear. He also notes that it is obvious that the face belongs to an old person wearing a hat, presumably a ceremonial headgear indicating the wearer’s high rank or status as a public official, politician, a ruler, or member of a royal family.

“The person has a very large nose, and ears. The person looks old and their hat shows their royal or political status…”

Waring believes that the discovery provides UFO and Mars anomaly hunters a rare opportunity to study what ancient Martians really looked like. And judging from the facial features, ancient Martians looked remarkably like Earthlings. But this should not be surprising since it is presumed that Martians and Earthlings were formed by the same biological processes of evolution.

“The best way to learn about aliens is by looking at them. For millions of years they have made these faces of important cultural figures. I am just trying to identify as many as possible in hope of getting some idea about what they looked like, and how many species are near Earth.”

However, Waring and other UFOlogists do not assume that the face represents the only alien species that lived on Mars in ancient times. There were sevecral species of aliens that lived on the Red Planet in the past, according to UFOlogists.

Alien and UFO hunters dispute claims that they are victims of a psychological bug of the human mind that psychologists call pareidolia, a tendency of the human mind to see faces and other familiar forms when presented with otherwise meaningless jumble of data.

‘Alien Politician’s Face’ On Mars Colored To Reveal The Face Clearly

Pointing to what they consider the profusion of unmistakable representations of humanoid faces on the Red Planet, alien hunters argue that one might reasonably consider one or two cases of “faces” with well-defined humanoid features as chance, but the constantly expanding list of cases of representations of humanoid faces on Mars couldn’t be dismissed casually and disproves the pareidolia theory.

The latest discovery could prove one of the most significant discoveries of alien faces on Mars since the famous “Face on Mars” discovered in an image of the Cydonia region of the planet taken by Viking 1 on July 25, 1976.

The image (see below) appears to show a humanoid face. But NASA’s chief scientist Gerry Soffen dismissed it as a “trick of light and shadow.”

Face On Mars
‘Face On Mars’: Cydonia Region Of The Red Planet

But the image sparked a frenzy of excitement among UFO and Mars anomaly hunters who considered it the creation of an ancient civilization depicting a Martian face.

Subsequent discoveries of alien faces on Mars have only helped to confirm Mars anomaly hunters in the conviction that the discoveries are not due to a psychological or cognitive delusion that mind scientists term “pareidolia.”

Mars anomaly hunters are convinced that these faces provide conclusive evidence of ancient Mars civilizations.

[Images: YouTube/Sandra Elena Andrade; UFO Sightings Daily]

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