Kim Kardashian West Posts Nude Picture To Shut The Haters Up

It’s nothing new when Kim Kardashian West post a revealing selfie, but this time Kim took to her social media to post her newest nude selfie to stop the rumors from circulating that she was faking her second pregnancy.

Rumors that Kim is faking her second pregnancy comes after the change in Kim’s baby bump from day to day and people are speculating that Kim and Kayne are actually using a surrogate, according to Refinery29.

Early Tuesday morning Kim took to Instagram to post the photo with a caption saying,

“First they say I’m too skinny so I have to be faking it…Now they say I’m too big so I have to be faking it…SMH! Some days I’m photographed before I eat and look smaller, some days I’ve just eaten and I look bigger. It’s all a part of the process. I think you all know me well enough to know I would document the process if I got a surrogate. Everyone’s body is different, every pregnancy is very different! I’ve learned to love my body at every stage! I’m going to get even bigger and that’s beautiful too! I’m blessed to even be pregnant and even luckier to not have preeclampsia as far as I know, do I don’t have the swelling issue this time! They also say your body carries a boy different than a girl! Whatever the case may be I’m grateful to God for this miracle and no matter what rumors or comments you throw my way this time they truly don’t affect me!”


She also ended her mini rant by hashtaging the photo #nofilter, #nophotoshop, and #goodlighting.

But Kim’s baby bump isn’t the only rumor swirling this week. The Daily Mail came out with an exclusive saying that Kim and Kayne plan on naming their baby Easton. Kim and Kayne have yet to confirm the rumor but in numerous interviews Kim has denied wanting to name her second child after another direction.

In an interview on Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast she said,

“Why just add another direction? North is the best. I don’t want to try to duplicate that with a lower direction, you know?”

Kim Kardashian West also told NPR that she didn’t like the name South West and again stated that North is always the better direction and you can’t top it.

According to The Daily Mail, a family friend of the Kardashian’s confirmed that Kayne liked the name Easton but Kim didn’t like the nickname of it, which would be East.

[Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/ Getty Images]

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