WWE News: WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan Still Aiming For WrestleMania 32 Match

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is not giving up on working his final match with WWE at WrestleMania 32, it seems. Despite the fact that Hogan has been released from WWE and essentially blackballed from everything WWE related, for some reason he feels that he will be able to get the match. Hogan said the following on Twitter this morning.

“Aiming for WM32”

He then clarified his comments, saying as follows.

“I will explain again I ‘WAS’ aiming for 32 but I am training like there is still something big ahead in my future,only love 4 my maniacs HH”

Both of these comments are big for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is the first time he has really commented publicly after the multiple racial and homophobic controversies he faced. He mainly just retweeted fans who sent supporting tweets.

He was essentially caught on audio saying various slurs, dropping the N-word on several occasions, and spoke very negatively about black people. He was also caught speaking about gay people negatively.

Really, it poured after the first big one dropped. After the initial racial tape came out, WWE began to separate themselves from Hulk Hogan in a major way. They not only removed all mentions of him from WWE.com, but they released Hogan. They even went to the WWE Network and cut all upcoming content with Hogan. On top of this, they removed him from the Stone Cold Podcast, which was originally scheduled to air last night. WWE ended up using Paige for Hogan’s spot last week.

Hogan, Rock, Austin

Hogan happens to be 62-years-old today, which is probably a good day to break one’s silence. However, this birthday present may never happen. Hulk Hogan might be aiming for a WrestleMania 32 appearance, but it very doubtful that he gets such a match.

After the recent controversy, even if Hogan wins his lawsuit, the damage has already been done. Yes, these comments were around 8-years-ago. No one is disputing that they are old comments, but they were said by the Hulkster regardless. Many people who have supported Hulk Hogan point to the fact that all of the comments made public were from private conversations he was having.

We can all make the case that some things we have said privately would be bad to have out publicly. That is why we might say them privately to begin with. So, for Hulk Hogan to be punished for a private conversation he had is a bit much. The fans who claim this have a good point in reality. However, now that his comments are out in the public, WWE cannot side with Hogan at the end of the day.

We all know WWE has had racial issues of its own over the years. Most of that is past them, but some still hold grudges against WWE because of it. So if WWE did take the side of Hulk Hogan and didn’t let him go, chances are that money would be lost massively. WWE lost $50 million the day of the incident alone. One could make the case that if WWE didn’t push Hogan out, millions more could have been lost. That said, a WrestleMania 32 appearance is a long-shot. A match was already a maybe. Now? That looks like a job for Tom Cruise and the Mission Impossible team.

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