Donald Trump Admits He’s The ‘Most Fabulous Whiner In The World’

Donald Trump agreed with a columnist that he is the most “fabulous whiner in the world,” or at least in the world of politics, in part for complaining about how he was treated in the GOP debate on the Fox News Channel. But it’s whining with a purpose, he added, in typical Trump style.

During a wide-ranging CNN interview this morning, in which he was unconstrained by a mandatory one-minute-or less debate response, Trump uncharacteristically agreed with the criticism leveled by Rich Lowry rather than going on the attack, as he usually does against most detractors.

In the discourse with New Day anchor Chris Cuomo, Trump vocalized familiar themes such as that as a successful businessman, he has a track record for getting things done, unlike all-talk and no-action politicians, which is how he alone can restore the country’s economic base and create jobs.

Among other things, Donald Trump again slammed the Obama administration for its incompetent negotiating skills in connection with the Iran nuclear deal. He also claimed that he would do the best job in protecting women’s health and that he has hired many female executives in his organization.

With that in mind, The Donald also noted that he was very angry about the way he was treated by Megyn Kelly and the other moderators in the debate, particularly the now-famous question about his tendency to make disparaging comments about women. He and Roger Ailes, the Fox News CEO, cleared the air in a phone call yesterday, according to the brash businessman. Trump denied that Megyn Kelly’s name came up in the conversation and also denied that he meant anything improper with the controversial and much-reviled “blood” comment about Kelly made to Cuomo’s colleague, Don Lemon, in a separate, post-debate interview.

Parenthetically, Cuomo is the brother of New York’s Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, and the son of the late Mario Cuomo, who also served as the Empire State’s chief executive.

Trump has consistently insisted that Megyn Kelly is not due an apology for the aforementioned controversial remark because critics, he claims, misinterpreted what he meant about Kelly. In turn, Kelly separately declared that she won’t apologize to Trump for doing “good journalism” in her line of debate questioning.

Despite a poor showing — at least according to most pundits — in the GOP debate, Trump still appears to be leading the 17-candidate Republican presidential field, according to some recent polling. There is also data suggesting that some viewers even thought he won the debate Thursday night.

With Trump apparently as the main draw, the GOP debate was the highest-rated non-sports cable program of all time.

When Cuomo specifically asked Trump about Lowry’s New York Post column, the real estate mogul and reality show star added the ability to whine to his list of accomplishments.

“I think Rich Lowry is probably right; I am the most fabulous whiner in the world. I do whine because I want to win, and I’m not happy … about not winning, and I am a whiner, and I keep whining and whining until I win. I’m going to win for the country because I’m going to make our country great again …”

Trump also explained that he will be releasing specific policy papers in the near future, with the proviso that in any negotiation it is important to stay flexible to achieve ultimate goals. He once again left open the possibility of mounting a third-party candidacy if he fails to win the Republican nomination for president.

In deeming Trump an alpha dog, Lowry led off his column by opining that “Donald Trump is given to superlatives, so let’s do him the honor of pronouncing him the most fabulous whiner in all of American politics. By Trump’s own account, he’s the baddest, smartest thing going, except if you ask him a challenging question, in which case he kicks and screams and demands to know how anyone could treat him so unfairly.”

Watch Donald Trump’s CNN interview in which he admits/humble brags that he’s a fabulous whiner.

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