June 29, 2017
Kris, Caitlyn Photo Marks Kylie Jenner's 18th Birthday, Along With A Racy Pic & $320,0000 Ferrari From Tyga

From Kris and Caitlyn posing for a photo to Kylie Jenner getting an unbelievably extravagant gift from her alleged boyfriend, Tyga, along with a racy photo, Kylie had an 18th birthday to remember. The Jenners' youngest daughter did have to share her publicity with her parents, however.

What's the excitement over the pic posted by Kim Kardashian, known for her constant uploads to Instagram? It's the first Kris and Caitlyn photo since Caitlyn Jenner announced that she was transgender and transitioning from her former identity, Bruce Jenner, reported MSN.

No photos of the Jenner parents have surfaced since Diane Sawyer interviewed the then-Bruce Jenner in spring for the public discussion of what it meant for the Olympic gold winner to become a woman.

Kris and Caitlyn divorced in 2014 after a marriage that lasted for more than two decades, and for a while, it seemed that the two could not restore even a friendship after Kris showed her frustration and fury over the situation during episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

But as shown in Kim's Kris and Caitlyn photo, they have reunited, and it was the perfect way to start off Kylie's birthday celebration.

It wasn't all about getting gifts and posing for the 18-year-old. Jenner also donated toys, clothes, and electronic goodies to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

So, just what did Kylie get for her birthday? Tyga, 25, gave his girlfriend a a $320,0000 Ferrari, reported People.

In addition, Tyga decided to share a photo that showed that he views Kylie as grown up enough for a very racy photo.

"Happy bday to the dopest girl ever," wrote Tyga.

The rapper joined Kylie and her family partying in West Hollywood as part of her birthday celebration. Although Tyga and Jenner have dated for while, they revealed their relationship status only recently.

And Kylie got lots of love from the rest of the Jenner family, too, reported Us Weekly.

When Kylie celebrated her 18th birthday on Monday, she became the final member of the Jenners and Kardashians to pass the adult threshold. And so her stepsisters and parents took time to express their pride and love on social media.

Khloe shared her love with a gorgeous collage.

In addition, Kardashian expressed her fondness for her little sister.

"Happy birthday to one of my best friends and one of the great loves of my life @kyliejenner!!! I couldn't imagine life without you!!! You make my life better," wrote Khloe.

Caitlyn also expressed her awareness that Kylie is the last of her children to become an adult.

"Happy birthday to my little angel @KylieJenner," wrote Caitlyn. "Officially my last adult, my work is done. Love you, proud of you!"

In addition to Kylie, Caitlyn's biological children include Kendall, Burt, Casey, Brandon, and Brody.

As the Inquisitr reported, reports of just what Kylie would do for her 18th birthday initially ranged from a party rager to eloping with Tyga. But apparently, the youngest Jenner decided that the Ferrari was a good way to celebrate.

[Image via Kim Kardashian West / Instagram]