Zayn Malik Branded Irrelevant By Little Mix

It seems just about impossible to keep Zayn Malik out of the gossip columns. Back in March, Malik broke a million hearts and almost broke the internet when he walked away from One Direction. Fans were furious when, just days later, Malik was in the studio with former friend Naughty Boy. Just a couple of weeks back Malik launched a vicious Twitter attack on Naughty Boy, using social media to "fat shame" his former pal. Then last week Malik hit the headlines once again when he dumped fiance, Little Mix singer, Perrie Edwards. It had been widely believed that Malik and Edwards would get married but instead they split.

A number of celebrities have stepped up to slam Malik after he reportedly dumped Perrie by text message. According to OK! Magazine 2013 X-Factor winner Sam Bailey slammed Malik for his treatment of Perrie.

Bailey said, "I think Perrie will find someone better. You have to think she has had a lucky escape."

"I think Zayn is a bit of a bad boy who is going off the rails a little bit and Perrie can do a lot better."
Now tabloid talk show host Jeremy Kyle has weighed in to the break-up saga branding Malik a coward for the way he ended his engagement.

Kyle said "It shows something of the class of both of them that, despite her heartbreak, Perrie was back at work and facing the cameras - while, to cause the heartbreak, Zayn stayed hidden behind a cowardly text."

"Breaking up by text is cheap but this one might just cost Zayn dear - about half of the £3million they just forked out on their little love nest, I reckon."
Edwards seems to be dealing with her heartbreak by throwing herself into her work. Perrie is currently in the U.S. on a promotional tour and is being supported by her Little Mix band-mates. The Mirror reports that Perrie's pal Jade Thirwall has thrown some major league shade in Malik's direction. Thirwall spotted a fan carrying a home made placard that read "Zayn is irrelevant, anyway" on the front and "Stay strong Perrie" on the rear.

Jade seemed to be dissing Malik when she took the sign from the fan and was photographed carrying it around. As you might imagine some of Malik's fans were less than happy.

One of the biggest One Direction fan sites posted a meme on Twitter with the message "Wow Little Mix, Zayn spent like three years promoting you guys and now this is what you do?"

He may no longer be a member of One Direction but some fans will defend Zayn Malik to the end.

What do Inquisitr readers make of how Zayn Malik ended his relationship. Are Jeremy Kyle and Sam Bailey right to brand Zayn a coward for splitting with Perrie by text?

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