WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Huge Star To Return On WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Tonight — Yes?

For those that don’t want to know a huge spoiler about tonight’s Monday Night Raw, then you might as well stop reading right now. Daniel Bryan has been out of action for months, and his injury actually made many wonder if he would ever be back again, but he will be returning tonight, and it’s unknown what he will officially be there for at this time.

WrestleZone reported that Bryan is indeed backstage at Raw, which is taking place in Everett, Washington, this evening. At first, many wondered if he was just there visiting friends or if he would officially appear on the show.

Well, it looks like the news has broken, as WWE has officially confirmed that Bryan will be appearing at the show, but they also have not said what he’s there for.

daniel bryan raw return

The teaser simply states that “Daniel Bryan has arrived in Seattle and will appear live on Raw tonight.” WWE then asks, “What does the ‘Yes!’ Man have planned?”

Bryan has already said that he’s been cleared by his doctor out in Arizona and that he actually hoped to be back in time for SummerSlam. Unfortunately for him and the fans of the world, WWE doctors have not yet cleared him to return to action.

The popular superstar is in the middle of a huge book tour that is taking him around the country and the world. The thing is, it’s interesting that he would appear at this particular Monday Night Raw all the way in Washington.

Bryan is living in Arizona, and that means he had to fly out to Washington for tonight’s show. Then, he has to fly all the way out to Orlando for tomorrow night’s episode of Tough Enough. Just kind of strange that WWE would have him do that when it’s the most inconvenient thing possible.

Still, tonight’s Monday Night Raw is said to possibly be rather light on star power, so that could be WWE’s reasoning.

Already confirmed not to be there tonight is John Cena, who is still out after suffering a broken nose at the hands of Seth Rollins two weeks ago. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are also not scheduled to be at Raw this evening.

Throw on top of that the fact that half the main roster is just returning from a tour of Australia, and there won’t be a lot of big of fresh faces on Monday night.

Either way, Daniel Bryan will be on Monday Night Raw this evening, and it will likely be to promote his book. The thing is, if WWE was able to keep his health status a total secret from the internet-laced world and have him return to action, then it will be a huge shock.

[Image via WWE]