Amy Duggar Racy Photo Shoot: ’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Poses For Risque Engagement Photos With Fiance Dillon King

Amy Duggar shared a racy photo shoot this week, proving that she’s going far beyond side hugs.

The niece of 19 Kids and Counting parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar just released pictures from her engagement photo shoot with fiance Dillon King, one that shows off Amy’s wild side.

While Michelle and Jim Bob have very strict dating rules for their children — no kissing until after marriage, and side hugs are the only physical contact they can engage in during the courtship — Amy is clearly more progressive with her dating ideas.

The photo shoot showed Amy Duggar getting in the mud, embracing King in some provocative poses and giving him a big kiss.

“One of our three engagement photo looks was a mud fight,” Amy told People magazine. “It was kind of, not scandalous, but a little less what you’d expect from a Duggar.”

The pictures were taken at King’s 300-acre farm, which also happened to the the site of his proposal.

“It was disgusting!” Amy said. “We were in the middle of this murky water. I got sick for a minute, he got sick for a minute, but it was so worth it. It was so much fun.”

Amy Duggar shared a series of the engagement photos in Instagram.

Despite the racy photo shoot, Amy Duggar has a traditional side as well. She will be inviting the whole Duggar clan to the wedding, and said she looks up to aunt Michelle and uncle Jim Bob.

“I’ve got an upcoming double date with my uncle Jim Bob and Michelle,” she says. “They’ve been married for 31 years, so we want a little bit of their advice.”

Amy said that Jim Bob also had a big influence on her wedding planning.

“Uncle Jim Bob is more traditional than I am and he was just like, ‘Now, Amy, a wedding is all about family and friends and coming together,’ ” Amy told Us Weekly. “I’m an only child so my mom [Deanna] was like, ‘You have to have a wedding. I have to cry at your wedding. It’s a thing!’ “

After the racy photo shoot, Amy Duggar is set to get married over the Labor Day weekend. It may be the first major Duggar event in years that won’t be shared with fans, however. The popular 19 Kids and Counting was canceled this summer, amid the growing scandal surrounding Josh Duggar’s molestation allegations.

[Image by Amy Duggar / Instagram]