‘Big Brother 17’ Week 7 Teasers: Power Of Veto Meeting Reveals New Target [Spoilers]

New Big Brother 17 spoilers are out as things heat up for Week 7. Though there supposedly was a plan in place for the next eviction target, things have been shaken up significantly in the house. The Power of Veto ceremony took place on Monday, and it was a juicy one.

As Big Brother Network shares, the houseguests were prepared for the Power of Veto to be used. Though Becky Burgess had initially nominated Shelli Poole and Steve Moses for eviction, Steve won the POV. The original plan was for Shelli to be targeted for eviction, but a new plan has since emerged, and another backdoor eviction is seemingly on the way.

Big Brother spoilers detail that Becky decided to nominate Vanessa Rousso as Steve came off the block. Becky had started working on this plan after winning Head of Household, but she had convinced Vanessa that she was looking to nominate Johnny Mac if the POV was used.

Becky, Vanessa, and many of the other houseguests had initially agreed to target Shelli after Clay was evicted last week. Though Vanessa and Becky both agreed to the plan, neither really had any intention of following through with it. Becky told Vanessa she would stick to nominating ally Johnny Mac, but she was working on a plan to target Vanessa essentially the whole time.

As Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have detailed, Becky told Steve her plan and she shared that she would talk to the other houseguests before the POV ceremony. However, she aimed to keep it from Vanessa. Though Steve briefly toyed with staying on the block to keep Shelli as the target, he did, indeed, use the POV to keep himself safe.

Buddy TV details that while Vanessa had agreed to vote out Shelli, she had already been working to target Johnny Mac in Week 7 and then Becky next week. Big Brother spoilers indicate that Becky didn’t wait around to see if that would happen, and now Vanessa may well be the next one sent packing.

There are eight votes in the mix this week, so it is possible that there could be a tie when it comes to Thursday’s eviction. However, that would give Becky the power to cast the final vote, and at this point, she seems certain to evict Vanessa. While Rousso will certainly scramble to save herself, at this point, Big Brother spoilers indicate that she’s in a lot of hot water.

How are the votes shaping up at this point? Though there is still time for things to shift, BB17 spoilers at this point indicate that Johnny Mac, Meg, Jackie, and James are all working with Becky to evict Vanessa. With that, even if the other houseguests vote to evict Shelli, Becky will get the tie-breaking vote. It also seems that Steve may well join up with Becky’s side, and that would make it a done deal.

Will Shelli escape eviction in Week 7 thanks to Becky’s sneaky plan to target Vanessa instead? Will Vanessa manage to scramble and convince her fellow houseguests to keep her around? Stay tuned for more Big Brother 17 spoilers as the week plays out and the next eviction draws near.

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