Adwords Gets An Upgrade

Whoever said that Adwords was dead must have not been running an Adwords account. Not only are the costs of running an Adwords account rising, but the sheer volume of clicks have been increasing, as well.

If it was true that Adwords was a dying product, Google would probably not be pitching to build a giant glass utopia to replace their current campus. Although the renderings looked impressive, the city council decided to turn down their bid and give the land over to LinkedIn instead. This may be a blow to Google's ego, but certainly not their coffers, which are consistently bloated due to growing Adwords accounts.

Their cash cow has also recently rolled out a complete redesign, with drag and drop reporting capabilities. Ginny Marvin from Search Engine Land reports as follows.

"With the Report Editor, you can build out custom pivot tables and charts by dragging and dropping dimensions and metrics. You can start by filtering dimensions before starting to build your report, or you can wait until it's built to segment, sort and filter the data shown. A drop-down enables you to switch between visualization formats including table, pie, bar or line charts."
This new change is by no means an attempt to bring back dead users, but merely an upgrade for existing hardcore account managers. The reporting system will allow managers to aggregate data much easier, and the new Quality Score will undoubtedly provide much better insights into the Adwords scoring system. By giving all newly added keywords a Quality Score of 6, they are factoring out vague historical data that was previously not linked to Adwords metrics. This levels the playing field for all new keywords added to your campaigns.

Adwords managers are rejoicing over the Android app upgrade, as well. The app was first introduced in March of this year, and has been considered a great success. The app has been downloaded almost a million times in over 200 different countries.

The Adwords team added an entire Billing System that is completely accessible through the app. Now a manager can set up, alter, or view all billing related inquiries, like current balance or credit card information. The reporting system on the app has received an upgrade, as well. Adding metrics to a performance table has never been easier on mobile.

Although Adwords mobile conversion rates are next to abysmal, the Google Adwords team has been working tirelessly to not alienate the mobile crowd.

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