William Shatner’s Mosaic Pays Tribute To His Friend, Leonard Nimoy

William Shatner has created a photo mosaic of his friend Leonard Nimoy, with the individual “tiles” composed of Star Trek fans doing the “Live Long and Prosper” salute, CNN is reporting.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Leonard Nimoy died in February at the age of 83. At the time, Shatner was unable to attend the funeral of his “dear friend” due to previous commitments. Shatner caught some heat for his absence, but he insisted it was due to prior commitments, and that he deeply regretted not being able to attend.

“I am currently in FL as I agreed to appear at the Red Cross Ball tonight. Leonard’s funeral is tomorrow. I can’t make it back in time. I feel really awful. Here I am doing charity work and one of my dearest friends is being buried.”

However, Shatner’s absence from Leonard’s funeral doesn’t mean that he didn’t care deeply for his friend. In early August, Shatner sent out a tweet asking fans to imitate Nimoy’s famed “Live Long and Prosper” salute, without giving a reason why.

Devoted Star Trek fans responded in kind, snapping thousands of selfies and mailing them to Shatner, not knowing why he needed them.

On Sunday, William Shatner finally revealed the reason for his request for the selfies: he used them — 6,000 of them — to create a mosaic composed of photos used to create a single image of his friend, Leonard Nimoy, as Mr. Spock.

Shatner created his mosaic as part of a project for GishWishes, a charity that raises money through donors participating in scavenger hunts.

“Thousands of participants from more than 100 countries build their own teams with friends or are placed on 15-person teams (of new friends!) and for one week, through laughter, sweat and tears (of joy of course), they acquire Items on a fun, inspiring and sometimes jaw-dropping scavenger hunt list.”

Do you think William Shatner’s mosaic is a fitting tribute to Leonard Nimoy?

[Image courtesy of Twitter]