Pregnant Swedish Teen Captured By Isis In Syria — Girl Ran Away From Foster Home With Boyfriend

A pregnant Swedish teen captured by ISIS in Syria reportedly ran away from her foster with her boyfriend.

While the United States tries to counter ISIS’ very successful social media campaign, where they recruit more young people than we are aware of every day, news that this 15-year-old Western girl is now in the hands of the brutal terrorist group came from Swedish media outlets.

The nation’s Foreign Minister didn’t share too many details about, or a reason, why the pregnant Swedish teen ran away to Syria, where she was taken by ISIS.

“We have been informed that a Swedish minor is in Syria. We are in contact with family members,” ministry spokesman Gabriel Wernstedt told AFP, refusing to disclose any other details in the case.

Reports from the local news outlets Expressen and the paper Boras Tidning say the pregnant Swedish teen disappeared from her foster home on May 31. Her whereabouts were unknown until now, when it was revealed that she was captured by ISIS.

The girl — who has not been identified — along with her 19-year-old boyfriend, is said to have traveled to Syria via Turkey. They were recruited by ISIS — which is known for horrific crimes against women and girls, and are reportedly selling thousands as sex slaves — as soon as they arrived.

The pair was captured by ISIS in the Northern city of Aleppo, Syria, in early August, according to media reports. The pregnant Swedish teen and her boyfriend were married in a Muslim ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden, earlier this year, without their parents’ permission.

Several reports also show the Swedish girl has been able to call her parents twice while in captivity, thanks to the help of a woman who allowed her to use her cell phone. The missing teen told them the couple was waiting for ISIS to confirm their wedding, her father said.

“It is really a critical situation. She said IS would decide whether their marriage was legitimate or not, and he had to swear allegiance to IS.

If they approved the marriage they would be moved to Raqqa, which is an even worse place than Aleppo. Otherwise she would probably end up with a group of women in Manbij (a town Northeast of Aleppo).”

According to reports, the Swedish teen is six-months pregnant. It is not clear whether ISIS also captured the boyfriend, or what his whereabouts are.

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