Lindsay Lohan Bill Controversy: Restaurant Furious After Actress & Her Friends Ditch $1,300 Bill

Lindsay Lohan and her friends reportedly skipped out on a $1,300 bill, and the expensive restaurant that the star dined-and-dashed at is furious. Lindsay Lohan never ceases to surprise us, especially now that the star is enjoying a few days vacationing in Mykonos, Greece. With the passing of the years, Lindsay Lohan has given media outlets much to talk about due to her various physical changes and her complicated lifestyle.

Lohan’s latest incident involving the Greek restaurant occurred late last month and, according to Radar Online, the 29-year-old actress and a few of her friends enjoyed an expensive meal at Sea Satin in Mykonos, Greece, and left without paying the bill. Some say that the actress is back to the old (bad) habits that have plagued her in the past.

Sea Satin, which is said to be one of the most expensive restaurants in the Greek island, was reportedly furious over the incident.

“She invited about 10 guy friends to dinner at the Sea Satin restaurant and ordered crab legs and lobster – the most expensive thing on the menu.” a source told Life & Style magazine. “Everyone, including Lindsay, split without paying!. She told the guys…not to worry about the bill,” the insider added.

After searching for the actress for three days, the management of the Greek restaurant managed to get the bill paid, but it was covered by a friend of Lohan.

This isn’t the first time Lindsay Lohan has been involved in a dispute over a restaurant bill. Back in 2012, Lohan was banned from Hollywood’s world-famous Chateau Marmont after she ran up a $46,350 tab, and refused to pay. TMZ reported that the hotel repeatedly requested payment for the 47 days Lindsay stayed there during the months of June and July, but Lohan never paid up. Lindsay — who had been living and eating at the hotel — was ordered to get her stuff out and she was subsequently banned from the entire property.

Lindsay Lohan always seems to be surrounded by controversy, and this latest incident is no exception. The Mean Girls star was just sued by her former personal assistant for not paying wages amounting to £3,300. Meanwhile, Lohan and her brother, Michael Lohan Jr., have sued her former partner, Fima Potik, for $60 million in a business dispute over a failed shopping app.

[Image via Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment]