UFC News: Joe Rogan Has Issues With Ronda Rousey Fighting Cris ‘Cyborg’

MMA fans have been calling for Ronda Rousey to fight Cris “Cyborg” Justino for several years now, but, due to Cyborg’s inability to cut down to 135 pounds has prevented the fight from happening. Now, Cyborg has said that she’s doing everything she can to lose weight, so that she can make the fight with Rousey happen. Most people are excited at the prospect of a Rousey vs. Cyborg fight, but, it doesn’t seem like UFC commentator Joe Rogan is, as he said during his podcast this past weekend that he has some issues with the fight due to Cyborg’s history of performance-enhancing drug use.

Some people believe that Cyborg is completely clean, but it seems that most people — including Ronda Rousey — believe that she is still using performance-enhancing drugs. Rogan said that he would have a problem with Rousey, who he knows is clean, stepping into the octagon with someone who could be using steroids.

“Let’s look at this rationally. Let’s say we know for sure, because we don’t know anything for sure, but let’s say for sure Ronda is not juicing. Let’s say we also know for sure that Cyborg might be on something. That she might be on something to make 145 [pounds]. Then, are you OK with it? Are you OK with it if they both fight at 145 and one person is naturally bigger and might be on something?”

Rogan did admit to the fact that there may be a double-standard in how he’s looking at a potential fight between the two most dominant women in MMA, because he wouldn’t have a problem with two male fighters, one who is clean, and one who may be on steroids, stepping inside the octagon and fighting each other.

“This is the sexist in me. I have more of an issue with it, for some reason, with women. I’m not comfortable with it. What I’m saying is I’m not even comfortable with my opinions on it. Why do I have a different opinion if it’s women and the woman was on something? I don’t know why.”

Whether MMA fans are comfortable with it or not, the UFC is still going to do everything they can to make this fight happen. Cyborg has said that the UFC has already offered her a fight against Rousey in December at AT&T Stadium, but the UFC has said that they haven’t offered Cyborg the fight, or any fight in the UFC for that matter. As of right now, the plan still is to do Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate in December, but, if Cyborg can prove that she can make it down to 135 pounds before December, the UFC will probably change their plans, and replace Tate with Cyborg.

[Image via Yahoo Sports]