‘Real Housewives’ Kim Richards Not Hospitalized, Target Shoplifting Report Made Public

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kim Richards’ Target arrest has now gotten even more bizarre, as the incident report has been released. Any attempt by sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton to get Kim hospitalized and held on a 5150 psychiatric hold has not been successful, as she was seen around Los Angeles most of the day Saturday.

As reported in the Inquisitr, Real Housewives Kim Richards was arrested for the second time this year last week for shoplifting $600 worth of merchandise from a Van Nuys Target store.

It seems that Kim Richards is spiraling out of control after leaving rehab early following a drunken arrest that ended with Richards assaulting a police officer. Richards left rehab early, saying she was going to do outpatient care, but so far, she hasn’t.

“Kim has not been back to the center and has not been doing her outpatient therapy. She has already missed four sessions.”

Even when she was in rehab, RHOBH‘s Richards was resisting help.

“Kim has not been participating in the group activities here. She has not been especially nice to the other patients and has managed to seclude herself as much as possible.”

TMZ has just released the content of the Target incident report of Kim Richards’ crazy shoplifting incident. She didn’t just try to steal one cart of merchandise, she took two.

“According to the report, Kim grabbed the reusable bags at the Van Nuys Target and began loading them up with merchandise in the dollar section… the pics below show what she took.

The report says Kim loaded the bags in a shopping cart, took it to the the express line but left it without attempting to check out. She told the clerk the items had already been paid for.

She then grabbed another cart and didn’t even bother to bag the items… she just loaded the cart up with toys and beauty products.”

And the blatant episode continued, begging the question, did she want to get caught?

“The report says Kim then took the second cart to the express line and began lugging the first cart out of the store. She got 3 feet out of the store — enough to make a shoplifting case — when a security guard approached and escorted her to the booking room, where they took her pic.

Kim told security she didn’t recall if she paid for the goods or not. The cops came and arrested Kim for theft. The items totaled $600.”

Many sources are reporting that Kim Richards is hospitalized, but Entertainment Tonight has verified that Richards is out and about.

“A source close to the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star told ET exclusively that she was out and about Los Angeles on Saturday. ‘Regardless of what is going on with her medically and mentally,’ the source said, “she is not currently locked up.”

Do you think Real Housewives Kim Richards will finally seek help?

[Photo courtesy of Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]