Accused Pedophile Brought To Justice After Raping One Child And Abusing Three Others [Video]

Pedophile Michael Jones was brought to justice after being charged with carrying out indecent acts against minors and paying for child prostitution. The man was caught strolling hand in hand with an 11-year-old girl and sitting with another young child on his lap.

The 55-year-old was also caught buying children gifts and giving them money, as well as taking an underage girl up to his rented room.

According to spokesperson Vando Khoem, from the charity organization Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE), pedophile Michael Jones sexually abused four children.

Jones was witnessed, photographed, and captured on video “hugging and kissing” one young girl, giving young children money, and grooming three other children.

Michael Jones Convited
Pedophile Michael Jones caught on video and photographed with young girls. (Photo courtesy of Wales Online)

Vando Khoem says the young victims are trying to recover after being traumatized by the experience.

“All of them are in the recovery process. APLE and our partner NGOs are providing emotional support and counseling to all of them to ensure their recovery and rehabilitation.”

The investigation began on April 9, 2013, according to a report by Wales Online.

The accused and convicted pedophile Michael Jones contacted two young girls, ages 12 and 13, and was later seen buying the girls “unidentified gifts” in the Cambodian city, Phnom Penh.

People also observed the the man giving young girls money.

Convicted Pedophile Michael Jones
Justice has caught up with 55-year-old pedophile, Michael Jones, who traveled to Cambodia knowing that child prostitution is quite common there even though the country’s age of consent is 15. (Photo courtesy of Wales Online)

APLE spokesperson Vando Khoem commented on Jones’ conviction and sentence.

“Phnom Penh municipal court found him guilty of purchase of child prostitution and indecent acts against a minor under 15 years. The court sentenced him to eight years imprisonment and ordered him to pay 9mKHR compensation to his victims.”

Khoem elaborated more concerning Jones’ sentence.

“The court also ordered additional punishment of deportation for Michael Jones when he finishes his imprisonment. With his dissatisfaction with the first court of instance verdict, Michael Jones decided to file an appeal. During the trial, Michael Jones rejected having sexually abused the four victims.”

However, the convicted pedophile admitted to knowing the four victims.

Mr. Khoem said the victims actually testified in court.

“The four victims testified to having been sexually abused by Michael Jones. After the police rescued those victims, APLE social workers in cooperation with other child focused NGOs, worked with those victims to ensure their emotional well-being and to ensure their safety.”

Mr. Khoem briefly explained how non-profit groups assisted in providing the young children legal representation.

“At the same time, APLE’s legal team also started working with the families upon their request to have our lawyer provide pro bono legal counsel and representation to their children whilst participating in the legal proceedings.”

Pedophile Michael Jones was jailed and after having received an eight-year sentence; however, it’s uncertain whether an appeal by Jones will allow him to be released at an earlier date.

[Featured image via Wales Online]

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