Ferguson Protesters Face Off With Police, Shots Fired [Breaking]

Ferguson, MO has been the site of protests, marches, and memorials today, one year after the death of Michael Brown. Now, breaking reports on social media are indicating that shots have been fired as a protest has turned violent.

Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported that a controversy had been sparked when a police officer posted a picture mocking the memorial to Michael Brown on the anniversary of his death.

According to a report on Breaking 911, protesters are currently facing off with Ferguson police. Reports from Twitter indicate that the altercation is taking place on West Florrisant Ave., near the site of Michael Brown’s death and ground zero for the protests that followed.

The St. Louis Police Department is requesting that everyone leave the area.

Some reports indicate that businesses are being looted; others deny this.

We will continue to monitor the situation in Ferguson and update this story as events unfold.

Update No. 1: Several reports of civilian fatalities are already being reported on social media by people on the scene; one of the people on site documenting the event on camera (@searchforswag on Twitter) has also allegedly been arrested without cause – a request for funds for his release has been made.

Update No. 2: @search4swag has been released; police did not indicate their reasons for his detention. Reports of a fatal shooting continue to come in, along with reports of injuries and the use of pepper spray by police.

Update No. 3: More details have been released by the St. Louis Police, via Twitter, alleging that an officer was involved in a shooting after coming under heavy gunfire himself and alleging that several unmarked cars were damaged.

Update No. 4: Sara Sidner, a correspondent for CNN, has just posted a video clip of the interview she was conducting with the Ferguson police chief when the shooting started.

Update No. 5: According to KMOV, police have confirmed two separate shootings, with two separate victims.

Update No. 6: Current reports indicate that the man shot by Ferguson police was alive when the ambulance arrived and may survive.

Update No. 7: Reports are presently coming in of internet trolls posting under a fake hashtag, #FERGUSONLOOTCREW, attempting to incite further violence between protesters and police and encouraging racist views on Twitter.

Update No. 8: The young man who was shot is allegedly alive in the hospital in critical condition.

Update No. 9: Reports are now coming in that police have tear gassed remaining protesters, after threatening to “use chemical weapons.” Also, it would appear that tanks have arrived in Ferguson to threaten the crowd of protesters.

Update No. 10: We are now hearing reports that Facebook and Instagram are censoring the #Ferguson hashtag, and that it has been removed from all of their trending topic lists.

[Image credit: Breaking911.com]

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