Valerie Trierweiler To Become France’s First Unmarried First Lady

As Francois Hollande prepares to become France’s first socially elected president in over 15 years, his love interest Valerie Trierweiler is preparing to become the country’s first unmarried First Lady.

Hollande and Trierweiler have been in a relationship since 2006 and many are already considering his love to be the next First Lady. As the first unmarried right hand lady, Valerie has managed to quickly capture the attention of the masses who have been left wondering whether or not the two will decide to get married as a result of Hollande’s recent promotion. For now, he’s stated that the two have no intention of planning a wedding anytime soon, reported.

Trierweiler, who has been employed by Paris Match since 1989 as a political reporter, will be taking the place of the beloved former First lady Carla Bruni, Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, who was a supermodel prior to her becoming a singer and eventually France’s First Lady while her husband served as president.

Paris Match ran a cover article in which the twice-divorced Trierweiler was depicted as Hollande’s new “charm,” to which she quickly responding having said:

“Bravo Paris Match for its sexism … my thoughts go out to all angry women. What a shock to find yourself on the front page of your own paper. I am angry to see the use of photos without my agreement and without letting me know.”

In order to avoid a conflict of interest, Trierweiler, a mother of three, began covering the art world instead of politics for her magazine.

What are your thoughts on the unmarried First Lady, Valerie Trierweiler, being put on blast by her own magazine?

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