39-Pound Cat Named ‘Meow’ Dies From Pulmonary Failure

Meow, a 39-pound cat who was propelled to national celebrity status for his obesity, died Saturday from respiratory complications related to the feline’s girth, Santa Fe Animal Shelter executive director Mary Martin stated.

After traveling from the East Coast to Santa Fe while stored in a carrier aboard an airplane, the massive kitty was featured on the Today show with Anderson Cooper, where the enormous cat met actor Hugh Grant.

In regards to whether or not storing Meow aboard an airplane in order to transport him for his national television appearance was a contributing factor his death, shelter officials denied that the appearance stressed the cat out and attributed to the fat cat’s death, as they were quoted by BostonHerald.com having said:

“We were wondering about that. But he wasn’t showing that. Cats don’t like stress. But he liked people. I think he was more stressed not being around people. He was purring all the time.”

The ridiculously large cat was taken in by a shelter in Santa Fe, New Mexico, after his Roswell owner was unable to care for him any longer.

While the average cat weighs between 8 and 12 pounds, Meow was an incredible 39-pounder who, according to Santa Fe veterinarian Jennifer Steketee, the massive cat’s health had been improving prior to his death as he had lost 2-3 pounds. The shelter kept the cat on a fresh protein diet consisting of turkey, chicken, and some Wellness kibble. Prior to the incorporation of his healthy feline diet, he may have been consuming strictly hot dogs, as Martin was quoted having said:

“The Roswell shelter told us he had been on a hot dog diet. Then [the former owner’s] daughter said that was not true. So we don’t really know [what he’s been eating].”

What are your thoughts on the 39 pound cat’s death?

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