‘Aladdin’ Prequel Explores The Story Of Genie: But What About Robin Williams?

Stacey Cole - Author

Nov. 3 2016, Updated 6:35 a.m. ET

Aladdin prequel: some fans have are anxiously anticipating it, while others think it would be disrespectful to the memory of Robin Williams.

We all know the story of Aladdin and how he was poor, fell in love with Princess Jasmine, found a genie who granted him three wishes, and wished to be a prince so he could make Jasmine fall in love with him. He was joined on his journey by his loveable and adorable monkey Abu. The Genie was always funny but, bound to the lamp, was trapped in a life he didn’t want. Aladdin promised to use his last wish to free him and the rest is history.

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However, now Disney has decided to give us background information in the Aladdin prequel, to show us where it all began. But they aren’t doing it for Aladdin, no, they’re telling us the story of the Genie. The live action Aladdin prequel will be a comedy and, according to Variety, will be named Genies.

The Guardian reports that the Aladdin prequel will not only focus on the Genie that Aladdin found, but on genies in general, delving more into their lives and their history altogether.

However, they will still focus on the Genie that first appeared in the 1992 Aladdin movie, famously voiced by the late Robin Williams. Disney’s Aladdin prequel will show how the Genie ended up in the lamp in the first place, a story that many fans have wanted to know.

Many fans are obviously excited with this new Aladdin prequel development, but Daily Star voiced a common concern.

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Many fans will probably be wondering how Disney plans to replace the voice of the late Robin Williams for the Genie in the Aladdin prequel, with many believing no-one can do it better. Some worry about Williams’ legacy, as the role of Genie Aladdin was arguably one of Robin Williams’ most well-known performances.

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The apprehension of fans is evident over this Aladdin prequel, and while most think it will be worth watching, some fear it will be like the sequel to the Aladdin movie, The Return of Jafar, which was not well-received. It will be interesting to see how Disney revamps this movie.

Not only is Disney making this live-action Aladdin prequel, they are also making live-action films with Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and even Tinkerbell, with Reese Witherspoon recently confirmed in the title role, Hollywood Reporter confirms.

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