Did You Watch One Piece This Week? Episode 704

Fans are pulling their hair out because One Piece has started shrinking its episodes again. The tradition isnt a new thorn in the side of One Piece fans, however, and may signal bigger things to come. With the bulk of the Dressrosa series’s flashbacks having met their conclusion and Luffy breaking free of Don Flamingo’s string cuffs, episode 704 of Once Piece has gotten us that much closer to this One Piece saga’s climax. Luffy’s epic final battle with the banished Celestial Dragon, Don Flamingo, is quickly approaching.

What has been most surprising about this One Piece story arc is Trafalgar Law’s history with Don Flamingo. I definitely didn’t expect that Law had been on Don Flamingo’s Crew since childhood, orphaned due to a pandemic of lead sickness, of which he also suffered. This One Piece episode reveals Law’s homeland was quarantined, and eventually his family was slaughtered and his country destroyed. There were hints to Law having ties to Don Flamingo back around episode 391 of One Piece, when the Straw Hat crew of One Piece went to the Mariejois slave island and ran into up and comers on the grand line, including Law, who revealed a slashed out version of the Mingo Family sigil on his jacket. Don Flamingo had not yet become a major character in the One Piece story line, but was shown speaking with Trafalgar Law on the telesnail.

Recent episodes of One Piece prior to episode 704 in the Dressrosa saga reveal that Don Flamingo’s brother, Corazon, had come to feel a very deep compassion for Trefelgar Law, who is the only one to know that Corizon can talk. Law was a deeply scarred and troubled child when he set his mind to joining the Don Flamingo family, and Corazon grew to respect Law after Law stabbed Corazon for being so mean to him.

Starting from episode 701 of One Piece, these events come to the forefront while Luffy and Law are fighting Don Flamingo on the island of Dressrosa. Throughout episodes 701-704 One Piece flashes back to Trafalgar Law’s childhood which gives meaning to the words exchanged by the fighting trio. Law is fighting in unison with Luffy in order to defeat Don Flamingo and save the country of Dressrosa from Flamingo’s unquenchable thirst to cause suffering and destruction.

Episode 704 of One Piece reveals a little more about how Trafalgar Law came to have the Op-Op fruit. We learn that Corazon betrayed his brother for Trafalgar Law, intercepting the exchange of the Op-Op fruit that Don Flamingo wanted Corazon to eat. In this One Piece episode, Corazon revealed to Law, before he proceeded on his mission, that Corazon already had Nagi Nagi No Mi devil fruit power known as Calm, which is the ability of the One Piece character to create a sound proof barrier and cancel the sound from any of their actions. In this One Piece episode We watch as Corazon fights for the Op-Op fruit, the only chance that the little Law would have to live. The One Piece episode ends with Corazon running with he Op-Op fruit toward the waiting and dying Trafalgar Law as blood pools up in the snow.

The best part of episode 704 of One Piece came at the beginning, almost as an apology for the scant 10 minutes of actual One Piece that aired last week and this week. Luffy decides he is wasting too much time… Watch what Luffy does at the One Piece Official site. No flash? No problem, this article explains how to watch flash videos on your android phone.