Cops Knock Mom Unconscious, Allegedly Attempt To Delete Video Evidence After Being Caught On Camera [Video]

Footage of a New York mother knocked unconscious by Suffolk County police officers has gone viral. According to PIX-11, the incident occurred in Center Moriches in Suffolk County, Long Island in May of last year and stemmed from a disagreement among family members that ended with two brothers behind bars and their mother being knocked unconscious by police officers.

The publication reports that the cameraman, identified as Thomas Demint, who happens to be a friend of the family involved in the dispute, stated that he noticed the officers at the family’s home while on his way to work that day. The officers were preparing to arrest Demint’s friend, his brother and their mother. However, the incident took a shocking turn for the worse when the mother was physically assaulted.

The jaw-dropping series of events that unfolded were reportedly caught on camera by Demint, who has come forward with controversial claims about officers employed with the police department. Surprisingly, Demint claims he is still being harassed by officers with the police department, although the incident occurred over a year ago.

“Now my mom’s knocked out the floor, look at her,” said Thomas Demint while watching the disturbing footage of the incident. “I don’t regret taking the video, but it did bring me a lot of complications after taking the video.”

Although Demint found the entire scene highly disturbing, he adamantly insists he stayed away and did nothing to involve himself in the incident. “My client was not aggressive, my client was standing there videotaping,” said Demint’s attorney Ken Mollins. However, the Suffolk County police department recently shared a different perspective of Demint’s alleged involvement. “Thomas Demint interfered with officers by shouting obscenities toward police officers and paramedics as well as entering the scene several times after he was told not to.”

At this point, the circumstances surrounding Demint’s alleged interference are still unclear. But, Demint has accused the officers of turning their attention toward him after he filmed for several minutes. Demint was reportedly tackled to the ground and arrested on charges of obstruction of justice. He claims the officers then attempted to delete the video of the incident from his phone. “At that point the videotape stopped, my client was walking away, three police officers jumped him on the back, threw him down to the floor and cuffed him, cuffed him and they arrested him and charged with obstruction of justice,” Molins said.

Demint claims he has been harassed several times since the incident took place and is now accusing the department of police brutality. “When I was pulled over the cop said ‘You will see me again and you can count on that,’ so I’ve been afraid that I would be targeted and pulled over every day and harassed because they knew I have the video on my phone.”

In the wake of Demint’s allegations, the Suffolk County Police Department has released a statement. “The Suffolk County Police Department has not received a complaint from Mr. Demint nor have we received a copy of the video,” the statement read. “Department officials will reach out to Mr. Demint regarding his claims. A thorough investigation will be conducted into Mr. Demint’s complaint to find out exactly what happened.

“The Suffolk County Police Department respects the civil rights of all members of the public. These rights extend to bystanders at police scenes; however, bystanders must not interfere with police operations or create a safety risk to the public. Bystanders may record video as long as they do not enter restricted areas, interfere with police operations, violate any laws or compromise the safety of officers.”

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