R. Kelly Debuts ‘Backyard Party’ Song On Soundcloud

Robert Kelly, better known as R. Kelly to R&B fans, has debuted a new song called “Backyard Party” that harkens back to lazy summer afternoons spent on the south side of Chicago. As Kelly waxes nostalgic about BBQ on the grill and playing cards on the table, visions of the singer’s upbringing near the Kenwood Academy High School in Hyde Park he attended as a teenager before winning worldwide fame come to mind.

Back in those teenaged days, R. Kelly regaled his high school classmates with his impression of Eddie Murphy impersonating Stevie Wonder — replete with dark sunglasses. Looking skyward, Kelly sang “My Cherie Amour” and made the crowd scream. With his new “Backyard Party” song, it appears the singer is trying to get listeners to go on a journey back to the days that made him want to grab a towel and wipe off his car. At least the mention of grabbing a towel is one lyric mentioned in “Backyard Party,” which can’t help but remind fans of his lyrics of the song wherein Robert sang of a woman who reminded him of his jeep.

As reported by the Singers Room, “Backyard Party” represents the first song off of Kelly’s Buffet album, which should be released on September 25. Kelly explained why he decided to name his album “Buffet” in the first place.

“I’ve got all different kinds of generations of fans now, and I have to feed everybody. You’ve got hip hop, you’ve got old school music with the ‘Step In The Name of Love’ type of music, ‘Happy People’ type of music, then you’ve got traditional R. Kelly; sensuous, sexual kind of music. It’s just a variety of things, so I call it The Buffet.”

Another one of Kelly’s songs that gained buzz recently, as reported by Rolling Stone, was NFL rookie Trey Williams’ rendition of a classic hit. When Trey sang R. Kelly’s “Bump N’ Grind”, it was buzzed about that he sang it better than folks were expecting him to when he took the mic.

As for more of Kelly’s music emerging in the future, fans can catch him at his concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Not only will that late September concert feature Kelly’s newer hits — fans can expect the singer to perform his classic older songs as well.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Kelly made news after getting sick and canceling concert appearances in 2012.

[Jason Merritt/Getty Images]