‘Scream Queens’ Actress Lea Michele Says She Is ‘So Happy And So Strong’ Right Now

There’s no doubt Lea Michele is doing well at this point, especially with a new show that already has a solid following. In fact, Scream Queens may represent the closest thing to a guaranteed success in Hollywood, but Ms. Michele has even more to be thankful for, as the Scream Queens actress talks about the happiness in her life and what it took to get there.

“I couldn’t be happier in my life right now,” 28-year-old Lea told FOX411 at the Television Critics Association Scream Queens panel.

Ms. Michele’s happiness comes after a period that was the most devastating time of her life. Lea had been dating Cory Monteith for two years, when her boyfriend and Glee co-star was been found dead from an overdose. Ms. Michele blames the publicity and media interest in Cory’s passing and her own mourning process for making life even harder than it should have been.

The Scream Queens actress says she now has more control over how much she shares with the public.

“I think I’ve done a really good job where I try to keep my life as private as possible,” Michele said. “I definitely feel, personally, in my life right now so happy and so strong. I think it’s important to have your home life be as grounded so that you can just go to your job and do your absolute best.”

Ms. Michele has moved on and, though she keeps Cory in her heart and remembers him often, Lea has moved on with a new love and with a new direction for her career. Lea says her Scream Queens co-stars are like a new family and she credits Jamie Lee Curtis for helping the cast bond and become such a stable unit.

“Jamie Lee is the greatest matriarch of our family. She is really the hub of this family, but not only as an actress but as a person,” Michele gushed. “She gives us gifts; she spoils us; she takes care of us — but really it’s wonderful because it creates a positive warm vibe on the set.”

Ms. Michele says that the switch from Glee to Scream Queens hasn’t been without its challenges, particularly where the horror aspects of Scream Queens come into play.

“It’s a completely different world in horror, it’s a lot more difficult,” Lea explained. “This is challenging working with a balance of comedy and horror.”

Lea Michele couldn’t pass up the chance to comment on her new BFF, Emma Roberts, and the professionalism which Roberts expects from all of her Scream Queens co-stars.

“She challenges me as an actress, because to have someone every day, [who] comes prepared and knows their lines and gives it to you on every take, you have to be on your absolute best.”

The series premiere of Scream Queens will air on Tuesday, September 22, on Fox.

[Featured image: Lea Michele courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images]