Bill Nye Film Less Than $10K Short Of Funding Goal

If you’ve been planning to donate to the Bill Nye Film Kickstarter, but have been putting it off, only four days remain in the donation period — and the project still needs (as of early Sunday evening) $8,481. The project, which will follow Bill Nye as he debates climate change deniers, visits government agencies, and works to promote an understanding of science, will begin appearing in film festivals in 2017 — if it’s successfully funded.

If you haven’t seen any of the promotions for the film yet, here’s a great one to check out: Bill Nye reading mean tweets from social media followers.

Nye has long been a beloved entertainer and science advocate, but he made a massive re-emergence into the public eye when he joined Ken Ham in debate about evolution and the age of the earth. Since then, he has released a new book called Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, and worked on a solar-powered spacecraft with the Planetary Society. He’s also been a part of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Radio Show, visited government officials to promote an understanding of science in decisions regarding the environment and climate change, and worked on numerous other projects promoting science education and an understanding of science in politics.

In other words, a year of Bill Nye is a pretty full year — and in the year this film will cover, he’s got a few specific goals that should be entertaining and enlightening to watch. He’ll be launching the LightSail (the solar spacecraft project mentioned above) and entering into more debates — this time with deniers of climate science.

Of course, you don’t have to fund the film to see the film. After it hits film festivals, the general public will soon have their chance at it too. A few of the funding levels do include copies of the film, including bonus scenes, though.

Other incentives to fund the film include signed copies of Nye’s books, VHS copies of out-of-print episodes of Bill Nye The Science Guy, tickets to a private sneak peek screening of the Bill Nye Film, and updates throughout the year, letting you know what Nye is doing and how the film is progressing. There’s even a chance to have your name in the credits.

If you do want to be a bigger part of the Bill Nye Film than simply a viewer, the Kickstarter page is here. There are fours days left for funding, and less than $10,000 left in the goal.

[Photo by:Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images]